Neda was a streetwalker, video

by Fred

Neda was a streetwalker; yes that Neda, the one who’s last moments of life gasping for breath after being shot was captured on video and broadcasted all over the globe.

This revelation comes from Abbas Kargar-Javid. He is the assailant, his identification card identifying him as a member of the Islamist Rapist Republic’s Brownshirts, aka the Basij was taken from him by the bystanders who witnessed him murdering Neda.

 In a telephone interview Neda’s mother recounts what Abbas told her when she came face to face with him in the “prosecutor’s” office. Abbas tells her that Neda was a streetwalker who had no father or mother …

Lets assume Abbas is right and Neda was what he says she was, as a human being did she deserve to be gunned down in cold blood?

Islamist Rapists' sense of morality, fairness and justice is quite literally breathtaking.


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COP: Oy! I know this planet. . .

by gunjeshk on


Oy! I think i know this planet! It's in the stellar quandrat "Khayli-Zhidi" to next to the bloated nebula, "Elderz of Zyon."

They be tough aliens, dude. They have control over my DVD player and order me to go out every Friday to find gefilte fish when all I really want is kubideh.

Universal tragedy. Everyone there looks like Netaniyahu with sidecurls and tefillin. Even the females have beards. They want to enslave the little brown men of middle earth and make them sing Yiddish songs accompanied by klezmer bands. This could be the end of middle earth as we know it!

Bijan A M

A new IRI propagandist…

by Bijan A M on

Now that IC has banned Sargord, IR has hired a new cyber agent (named Mehdi) to replace Sargord. Even if this new agent doesn’t have native Indian blood, he has lived here long enough (and sucked the blood of enough Americans) to speak and write the language fluently (and therefore employable by IR). How low can some go for a loaf of bread?....   


And it'd take the "son of a street walker"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

To come here and attack Fred for exposing the crimes of Islamist regime against it's own citizens! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Fred, the sincere fighter for Iranians

by Mehdi on

Oh, you can be rest fully assured, I will continue exposing degenerates and terrorist-in-closet, pretending to be Jewish - pretending to be fighters for freedom. I will expose baby murderers whose "Final Solution" for Iran is the murdering of everyone so that their degenerate masters, hiding under a religious shroud, may plunder more. I have only very little hope that these lost souls would actually wake up and realize what they have turned into. I just do it to warn others about the REAL and ACTUAL threat and not a small issue raised by the real terrorist and criminal in order to distract and plunder some more.

I can see you have changed a little. You are now using "lighter" Mossad tactics - resorting to emotional issues and asking for sympathy. You are not talking about your desire to murder children in Iran anymore (through your sanctions). I am happy about the change, even if it is a change towards becoming more covert and vicious. Any change is a change. 


Shameless people still exploiting her death

by Rea on

What a shame!

Let her rest in peace ! 


Bee sheeleh-peeleh, Mehdi

by Fred on

Unlike others with cutesy lines and made up lefty fronts, You are straight forward with your hate and bee shileh-pileh, you're doing great, Mehdi.

Keep on revealing what people of your mindset think.  Keep it up!


hey mehdi

by Cost-of-Progress on

Neda was actually killed by a group of space aliens from planet Mohareb. The planet is about 4 light years away in the constellation Taharat. They travel through an islamic wormhole which is regularly cleansed (koresh midan) by a big Aftabeh in space. These aliens are decendents of the zionist clan called "Once-I-was-a-mostazef-but-then-I-moved-to-Israel".  





Mossad, the specialist assassins

by Mehdi on

They travel to any country, murder men, women and children freely. The Fred's "sane world" says nothing when a terrorist state supports terrorists (the MEK) and has the most bloodthirsty terrorist organization officially assassinating anybody who criticizes the Nazis, I mean the regime that hides behind sacred words such as "Jewish" or even "Zionist."

But degraded individuals who feel nothing anymore and their cheerleaders are beyond talk - they will not change any time soon. They are drunk with power and in their sadistic stupor they are enjoying mass murder. Let's just expose them so that unsuspecting visitors will not get tricked by any depraved terrorist-in-closet that may ever show up on this site asking Iranians to support airtight sanction that kills Iranian children while the Nazis in Tel Aviv continue to plunder more land.

You know, Mossad and CIA and such "government-sanctioned" terrorist organizations openly admit that they actively search and find the most depraved murderers and  serial killers and put them on their payroll - thanks to American taxpayers, and train them to murder for these organizations. They send them into other nations to kill a few and get a fight going between factions in the country. It is a standard textbook procedure in Mossad's books.

I hope you really don't expect a depraved lunatic to actually engage in civil discussions about such matters. No such degenerate simply rely on Mossad tactic of just spread lies and never respond. Just keep on spreading lies and wars, profitable wars, will soon start. 


Fred, I agree with you

by mahmoudg on

so, even if she was a streetwalker, does Islam, this worthless Cult (just like all religions), allows for people to die like this.  


Exploitation of Neda

by comrade on

I personally thank Fred for this thoughtful blog. I also wish justice will be served by full disclosure of credible evidence in a "real" court of law with no prejudice.

Having said that, I also wish some of us could've left the memory of dear Neda, "the accidental victim-made hero" to her family and personal friends and stop exploiting her by making her last-breath image ubiquitous.

I also can't leave dear Fred's blog, without a hint of anti-Semitism, Islamist poodle thing: Why that fellow showed up in Israel, taking photos with politicians and doing interviews still beats me. 



Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.




by asadabad on

Or whoever her assailant was, you're an animal!  Murder and torture are their specialties.  They are torture masters.  You know, that's how they makes themselves feel "powerful" and "important".  They are losers and they're just jealous of the West.  Destruction is the only way they can validate themselves.