New Year's resolution


by Fred

If the Wall Street newspaper report turns out to be accurate, there will soon be a complete change in the sane world’s response to the decade long delaying tactic IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, has been playing over its illegal weaponized nuke.

The report says senior representatives of the three sane countries, U.S., France and England have met in Paris “to chart the new course, amid growing frustration over Iran's obstruction of IAEA inspections.”

Although many years late, however, the reported discussion to “making further talks with Iran contingent on Tehran's progress toward compliance with existing United Nations Security Council resolutions” is a step in the right direction. So is the plan to “impose joint sanctions” against the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists with announced mission to “manage the world.”

The thirty two years history of IRR has shown the only language the Islamist Rapists understand is the language of resoluteness. It is high time for the sane world to resolutely demand that IRR fully cooperates with IAEA and the letter and spirit of various UNSC resolutions. It is also time for the sane world to add the observation of human rights of the Iranian people as a nonnegotiable demand.

Lets hope this is not just a negotiation tactic for the upcoming Istanbul talk for talk session. Lets hope for the sake of avoiding IRR imposed catastrophe, this time around the sane world is serious about standing up to the Islamist Rapists and make it its New Year's resolution which it keeps. 




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yes getting iranian hostages killed so you can be resolute


like being resolute with saddam! being resolute in afghanistan! being resolute in pakistan! the entire world is a mess because of you neocon war advocates resoluteness!

Sargord Pirouz

Not "Fred" writer type A

by Sargord Pirouz on

Not "Fred" writer type A again. This is the worst writer of the entire effort, here writing for the Alpha team of this propagandist effort.

This writer's English is terrible. He/she should be replaced or at least copy edited by a proofreader. 

Oh well, lame-O content from a lame-O writer.