by Fred

Few observations and questions about the NIAC lobby.

1- Ever since its creation nearly a decade ago and prior to its relatively recent partial concern for “human rights” in Iran, the lobby has been promoting full unfettered relationship between the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) and the U.S.

2- Ever since the election of President Obama, nearly three years ago, there has been an offer of “unconditional” talks from the US. And without the lobby’s slightest condemnation of it, IRR has rejected the offer.

3-Ever since its inception, the Lobby’s employees and some members say it is trying to do for Iran that which AIPAC does for Israel.

Is IRR a democracy responsible to its citizens’ wishes just like Israel?

Since IRR is more like Saudi Arabia than Israel, lets assume NIAC lobby gets its wishes, doesn’t that translate into a U.S. Saudi like relationship which would only prolong the life of the Iranian raping, maiming and murdering regime?

Is that what the dues-paying members of the lobby wish for?

Whose interests is the lobby promoting here?


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Of similarity

by پندارنیک on

Excuse me Fred, I can't attend your blog today. I'm busy following the events of the "Tent Revolution" in the Promised Land, just to see how the kosher democracy unfolds.

Mwa, mwa....


Oh, by the way on the subject of the similarity between IRI, and the Saudis even at the present time; you are wrong, my friend......dead wrong, and biased..........Don't you believe me? Ask the tent dwellers......either in Tel Aviv, or in the Arabian desert..........