NIAC lobby & the cult

by Fred

After a brief lull, the NIAC lobby’s full-court press campaign against delisting of the defunct Mujahedin cult from the US terrorists list has picked up steam again.

Given NIAC lobby bills itself as a 501(c)(3) educational entity, this obsession with MEK is a mystery.

And to compound the conundrum, the same anti-MEK lobby is on the record as being against including the uber-terrorist Revolutionary Guards to the US terrorist list.

In other words, while opposing the delisting of at best few thousand unarmed elderly cult members who are anti- tyrants in Tehran, the NIAC lobby is against adding to the US terrorist list a 120,000 strong active terrorist entity with air, navy, ground forces and an special “extraterritorial operation” Qods Force.

Experience has shown NIAC lobby does not respond to uncomfortable legitimate questions.

However, there is always a chance that the unresponsive lobby, its lifetime president and/or one of its paid officials might have a change of heart. Therefore, NIAC lobby, you give a pass to the uber-terrorists and keep hounding the geriatric cultists, what gives?


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BOMB Lobby & the blood

by Demo on

Short of a cry wolf subject again? Here something to take a note of. Like BOMB (Bunch Of Morons Bloggers) outside the country who lobby daily for the 'air tight sanctions' & the 'Bomb, Bomb' of the people inside Iran, NIAC is a dual natinalities groupie of the super-elites boys & girls who have nothing else to worry about except another groupie (MEK) whereabouts! Who gives a ....?

PS: Is not 'the dual nationalities' like a man living with 2 hearts in his body?! Such a strange world we live in after all!