NIAC lobby fairytale

by Fred

The lifetime president of NIAC lobby has been recognized for his effort by yet another award. The following quote is the essence of what his and his lobby’s vision is all about:

“Instead of trying to isolate Iran from the rest of the world, the United States should rehabilitate Iran into the Middle East’s economic and political order in return for Iran making significant changes in its behavior, including ending its hostilities against Israel.”

Firstly, NIAC lobby’s core theory which is based on the rivalry between Iran the country and Israel does not stand the test of history, i.e. it did not exist prior to IRR. Therefore after the demise of the expansionist Saddam’s bloody Ba’athist regime in Iraq, any rivalry which might exist now is between IRR and the rest of ME including Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel.

That said, this should sound good to any reasonable person, who can disagree with trying to “rehabilitate”, in other words change, IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

But, isn’t all this based on the big IF, that is predicated on IRR being reformable or as NIAC lobbyist says capable of being rehabilitated?

What sign of amenability to any meaningful reform has the NIAC lobbyist detected in the Islamist Rapists which he can base his award winning theory on?

Isn’t a nonfactual based theory tantamount to being a fairytale?

Where is the beef?


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by masoudA on

I watched all 3 interviews live -  

IS that it? are these clips your response to my serious accusition of following and spreading backward NIAC propaganda?  I am not a neocon neither is Hassan Daei MKO - but so what if we are?  Does that make us any less Iranian American than you?  or Parsi, who is not even American, and hardly Iranian.   The reason I call it backward propaganda is because by tagging people as monarchists, MKO, neocons,.....NIAC is attaching itself to a certain political group and politics, in total contrast with it's Name and agenda.  Even more stupid is tagging people as neocon without knowing what it is.   A neocon is a conservative moved more to the center, and a liberal with any brains must attack conservatives long befor attacking neocons - whom based on liberal propaganda, they think is more of warmonger than a conservative. 

PS - posting 5 hours of clips or book names is the new cyber way of maghlateh and when one is short of logic - just make your point short and sweet.

..........Khah pand gir khah malal.  


Masoud khaan, since you called

by MM on

- look at the Dai videos below and learn why Dai's accusations come from MKO and why AIPAC & neo-cons are anxious to court your Hassan Dai character.

Part 1: //

Part 2: //

Part 3: //

The documents were filed in court and not made up, as someone said.  I will not accept accusations without evidence, neither will accept guilt by association.  And, I hope you do not either.  Otherwise, we are no better than IRI who has made an art out of character assassinations via false accusations and guilt by associations. 

Thank you.


Why can't NIAC be trused? Because..

by masoudA on

ASs an organization they train or brainwash members like nmirdamadi and MM to tag NIAC opposition as MKO, Neocon, Jewish Lobby, monarchist.....If NIAC wanted to represent a certain segment or belief system of Iranian-American community, then they should not have called themselves the national Iranian American Council - a bettre name would have been Liberal Iranian American IR Supporters (LIAIRS), who have yet to Learn not to trust policies coming out of the Center for Strategic Studies in DC.   People like Brizizinsky (sp?) who is about to give Parsi his PHD - are the reason we are where we are. 


Revolutionary governments operate like bicycle riders

by Elvis on


Revolutionary governments operate like bicyclists.  They fall when they stop promoting their message of revolutionary ways.  That is why they keep going and going on abusing their citizens and denying their basic human rights.  IRI won't change because Mr. Parsi wishes so, or predicts that it would happen if USA changes its policy.  Trita Parsi is a disgrace to Iranian community for staying silent on the human rights abuses in Iran for all these years.

What evidence do you have to show that IRI wants to stop its ways and join democratic nations?

NIAC's president has been, and will continue to serve the interests of IRI.  How can anyone deny the official court documents revealed in this case?



Wake up from your dream, your hero is nothig but a traitor to me.



The transparent neo-con campaign against NIAC

by nmirdamadi on

The efforts to attack Parsi and and his persona is getting more

There is NO evidence whatsoever that NIAC is a IRI lobby - on the contrary. There is PLENTY of evidence that shows that the entire campaign against NIAC is organzied by the neo-cons and the Mujahedin - see BBC Persian's investigation that revealed how the neocons plotted to attack NIAC in order to bring down Obama.


Reality is that Trita Parsi is now a name among such prominent
people as the former leader of the Soviet Union, Harvard professors and
key thinkers in international relations. They have all had a MAJOR
impact on the world, and the jury felt that Parsi's efforts to prevent
war between the US, Iran and Israel fell in that category.

As an Iranian, that makes me soooooo proud! 

The haters will always be haters - jelous and marginalized.

Learn more about Grawemeyer here - //


Nobody knows exactly what

by vildemose on

Nobody knows exactly what such a “carrot” would be to want to give to IRI to "rehabilitate" itself.  Full diplomatic recognition and an end to the US sanctions (both of which I’m in favor of)? Money? What would make the mullahs to end their hostilities toward Israel??

If according to Parsi, Israel and the IRI are on a power trip to  recognized  and permitterd to become the only official bully of the region, what then makes the two to give up this goal?

Is trita suggesting that the IRI and Israel to  form a" ME Bullies Partnership, LLC"?



Why can they not be trusted?

by capt_ayhab on



Artificial Intelligence

NIAC and Trita can not be trusted

by Artificial Intelligence on

They are soft on the IRI rejime and NIAC policies only prolongs the pathetic life of this regime. The majority of Iranians in the USA have not bought into to their sorry chamberlian policy.


have not seen any clear evidence

by mahmoudg on

that shows NIAC or Parsi DO not have any connections to the IRI.  In fact all fingers point to him and his lobby to be in the pockets of the IR regime.  therefore I cannot endorse him and can only consider him a danger to the future of Iran.