NIAC’s helping discretion

by Fred

It seems there were much more to the chief lobbyist and president of NIAC lobby’s contacts with at least one IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic official than admitted by him.

The Chief lobbyist is on the record as saying all he did was to pass along the contact information of the IRR’s U.N. Ambassador to interested U.S. congressmen. The recently published email exchanges, plural, between him and the Islamist Rapist official begs to differ in a big way.

Although as publically reported not all the requested documents in the discovery phase of the lawsuit NIAC lobby and its chief lobbyist jointly brought against an Iranian critic of theirs have yet been handed over by NIAC lobby, that which has been provided, like the sample below, is to say the least, troubling. NIAC lobby respond!

Chief NIAC lobbyist to IRR ambassador:

“Just wanted to check and see if you have seen the draft of the resolution? Also, happy to hear that you will meet with Gilchrest and potentially Leach. There are many more that are interested in a meeting…”

IRR UN ambassador’s response:

"I am always open to these meetings. Your help is always welcome. I leave the modalities to your discretion."



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jj, AIPAC is not a very good example or counterpoint

by Hovakhshatare on

It represents interests that are certainly un-American and against everyone else except israeli right or broadly Zionism. It is powerful and influential. If you recall Obama's first appearance was in front of them and not some other organization.

However, comparing NIAC to them has several flaws in terms of size, power, context, etc.. More importantly juxtaposing almost any organization to AIPAC will make them look good and that's not much of a defense for NIAC or anyone else. The real question is what is/has NIAC done for Iran and there is nothing that qualifies as material or substantial. Talking diplomacy is good but that only takes you so far when there is little detail or direction.

You seem to go out of your way to defend NIAC and that, in my opinion, is above and beyond your role as editor; as is the disproportionate number of NIAC related stuff that populate IC.


Fred using Israeli talking points now?


"I am more pessimistic than you and see the situation as Nazis being in
power and Brits were insisting on diplomacy."

No Fred, Iran is not Nazi Germany and Obama is not Chamberlain.  You've just discredited your viewpoint with that statement. It shows how clueless you really are. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Whether people agree or not NIAC does represent the majority opinion of Iranians in USA. According to  the PAAIA {note: not NIAC} information:


the majority of Iranian Americans oppose a military attack on Iran. A majority albeit smaller also opposes sanctions. Many people are doing legitimate business with Iranian companies. 

So it should hardly be a surprise that NIAC would be taking that position. 




If they were what they say they are

by Fred on

Jahanshah, for whatever it is worth if NIAC lobby had registered as a lobby, I would not have cared much for them one way or another, you can believe it or not, it is fine with me. But when it says it is not a lobby, when it says it cares for Iran and Iranians but  its president has documented relationship and strategizing with a business conglomerate in Iran which does middlemen job between the regime and multinationals, then I have a problem.

There are many like the guy in San Diego that do that and as much as I dislike their ethics, have no problem with it since I’m nobody’s ethics teacher, I have too many faults of my own to do such thing.

I never said NIAC is a “traitor”, I would love to insist on diplomacy too if I saw any proof, any minute proof that it has or is going anywhere. I’m afraid I am more pessimistic than you and see the situation as Nazis being in power and Brits were insisting on diplomacy.

My nightmare is it turns out to be that I’m right because I know how brutal the sane world can be, I know. My point is IRR is beyond reform and is taking Iran and Iranians down the drain. Now if I have to be sorry for thinking that way, fine I’m sorry but does that change anything?

Now if NIAC lobby is as you say were to promote diplomacy and human rights withouht other stuff,  I would back them, but as of now I do not see it the way you do, may be that I’m too jaded for that again I apologize. Like a good Iranian I balme my  failings on others in this case I  blame it on Khomeini and all his promises for turning me into such pessimist.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

NIAC: I am a member of it!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is a lot of intensity on this subject. I have to admid that I joined NIAC a few years ago and have been keenly following the issues.

Make no mistake: I oppose the IRI 100%. I am on the other hand not sure what is the best way to progress. This year I was really hopeful that Mussavi would win and turn Iran around. It was not to be. After that I got convinced that IRI is not going to change on its own. There will very likely be a forced change of power.  The main thing is who is going to do it.

NIAC's position is to oppose foreign particularly US based intervention. I respect that position. I am not sure if it is the "right" one but it is a respectable and very legitimate position.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Fred, let's be honest here. You would have the same exact feelings towards NIAC if it was registered as a lobby. Your problem with them has nothing to do with following the letter of the law. If NIAC goes and registers as a lobby, you'll be happy? You'll then be ok with NIAC's mission to promote diplomacy and human rights?

You are absolutely right about one thing: The Islamic Republic is equally responsible for the crisis we are in (if not more) and any future sanctions or bombings that could happen in the future. But that does not mean that those who insist on diplomacy are traitors or mercenaries. Far from it.


Probing questions

by Fred on

I am fair and have a clean conscience on that. You seem to miss my point, NIAC claims not to be a lobby, has always said that and only recently with the revelations that its own employee asked since they are doing a lobbyist job shouldn’t they register as such has started with the 20 some percent law allowing line.

NIAC can and should do whatever law allows it do to, but do it above board. What we are experiencing today with the Islamist Rapists in power in Iran is the direct result of not having asked these types of probing questions back then. I’m appreciative of your fairness in publishing my opinions which mostly are against those you’ve publically said that you hold, but that does not mean I should be shamed into anything.

I do not see it fair on your part to label me as having “hate” for “those who work for peace”, I see it quite differently. The ones who work toward peace are those who are advocating the overthrow of the regime before it ignites a war, the same regime that rapes, tortures and murders Iranians on a mass scale. The ones you are labeling peace lovers I assume would include CASMII, which is an open apologist for the regime.

As to your question about my interest on bombing Iran, I’m sorry you even ask such question. As I did say in my piece on sanction, my entire extended family lives in Iran and I love them as much as you love your family, so of course I do not want my Iran where my family and compatriots are to be bombed. But don’t you think that is what the IRR is itching and egging on the world to do?

I am certainly sorry that you’ve confused me with an Israeli citizen and asked me a question about their lobby.  

Ps. Parsi’s emails to Zarif are fine with me if he had not said that he only provided Zarif’s contact info. If NIAC’s guy in Chicago had not said no such contact ever existed. This goes back to being skeptical after Khomeini experience, for that I do feel ashamed or see the need to apologize to anyone.  

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

It truly amazes me how much hate you harbor towards those who work for peace. Not a peep comes of you for those who promote war and devastation.

What about Parsi's emails to the Iranian ambassador? How do people in politics work? Communication. NIAC openly works to promote diplomacy between Iran and the U.S. and that entails contact and discussions with lawmakers and politicians on both sides.

There are probably thousands of emails exchanged between the Israeli dimplomats, AIPAC and dozens of other groups who's mission is to influence U.S. and Israeli policy (and demand the harshest action against Iran and its people) -- not to mention direct meetings on a daily basis. Are you remotely interested in in their lovely conversations on how to bomb Iranians?

At least NIAC is decent enough to condemn human rights abuses in Iran. They just joined the campaign to ask TIME to name Neda Person of the Year. Will AIPAC say a word about Israeli abuses? Not a chance. Will you? That'll be the day.

Barikalla for your sense of fairness and priorities.