NIAC’s helping discretion

by Fred

It seems there were much more to the chief lobbyist and president of NIAC lobby’s contacts with at least one IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic official than admitted by him.

The Chief lobbyist is on the record as saying all he did was to pass along the contact information of the IRR’s U.N. Ambassador to interested U.S. congressmen. The recently published email exchanges, plural, between him and the Islamist Rapist official begs to differ in a big way.

Although as publically reported not all the requested documents in the discovery phase of the lawsuit NIAC lobby and its chief lobbyist jointly brought against an Iranian critic of theirs have yet been handed over by NIAC lobby, that which has been provided, like the sample below, is to say the least, troubling. NIAC lobby respond!

Chief NIAC lobbyist to IRR ambassador:

“Just wanted to check and see if you have seen the draft of the resolution? Also, happy to hear that you will meet with Gilchrest and potentially Leach. There are many more that are interested in a meeting…”

IRR UN ambassador’s response:

"I am always open to these meetings. Your help is always welcome. I leave the modalities to your discretion."



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I say let the courts decide

by vildemose on

I say let the courts decide what NIAC is up to. Apart from the existing lawsuit(s), there should be thorough investigation of NIAC's activities, financial, political, etc to either exonerate this group or stop them from hiding behind a "grass root" and "human rights' agendas to do the bidding of reactionaries both outside and inside Iran and the US.



Transparent and Crude Hypocrisy

by Ahura on

Thanks to Fred and Saboohi for giving readers published materials on influence peddling by Dr. Trita Parsi in advancing the economic and political interests of shady characters closely tied to Islamic Republic of Iran. He opens up the NIAC shop to give a voice to Iranian residents of USA in public relations arena and to facilitate their travel issues between homeland and USA.  Under the NIAC aegis, with a membership of a fraction of US Iranian residents but a false claim of representing all the community, Dr. Parsi tries to influence the US legislative and administrative branches in normalizing relations with the known criminal religious dictatorship of IRI.

By now the overwhelming majority of Iranians in and outside Iran have awakened to the realities that IRI is the enemy of Iran and Iranian culture, and there is absolutely no possibility of this religious dictatorship to evolve into a secular democratic government.  All patriotic Iranians should strive in whatever way possible to unite and expedite the removal of IRI.  This religious dictatorship like its secular predecessor is our own product, albeit with foreign powers’ schemes carried out by genuine homemade traitors, and certainly our responsibility to remove.  By assigning labels to individuals such as Monarchist, MOK, Leftist, AIPAC, and Israeli agent you cannot refute their statement that “IRI is a criminal religious dictatorship with the sole purpose of preserving its power over Iranians at any cost, be it killing, beating, raping, and imprisoning the opposition in the name of God.”  Every Iranian has an equal say on the political future of Iran, a fundamental democratic right that we are striving to learn and practice despite our autocratic past.

My apologies to those readers that approve of IRI for my use of strong language but no offence is intended to denigrate your religious convictions.  A separation of religion and government is an absolute necessary condition to preserve the efficient functioning of both institutions and maintain our friendship and heritage.  To other readers who oppose IRI but are against sanctions I salute and ask to tone down the insults and accusations of those advocating sanctions (comprehensive or smart), we are all in the same boat.   One thing is for sure that the irresponsible bluffing of IRI senile leadership on their pursuit of nuclear arms under the pretense of peaceful nuclear power has isolated Iran and exposed it to devastating attacks. If the sanctions or smart sanctions do not work the next step will be the surgical military strikes on the Mullah’s atomic installations, a disaster that no Iranian wants and advocates.

The young Iranians have already made it clear what is our choice by posing the question to USA President as “Obama, Obama, baa oonaaie yaa baa maa” (Obama, Obama are you with them or with us.)  Dr. Trita Parsi has to exonerate himself and show he is not with IRI and the policies he advocates has not in effect helped preserve that regime. He cannot play it both ways, say he is against IRI but help the regime by influence peddling in USA.  That is transparent and crude hypocrisy.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

PAAIA and others

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I have asked this question a bunch of times but no one replies. What do people think about PAAIA? How do you compare it to NIAC? I don't see it generating so much emotion. But they are around.

What  other organizations do people recommend. It is easy to trash NIAC but what are the alternatives. This is a genuine question. I like to know what:  left; right; secular; Islamic and others think. 



Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who is NIAC representing ; is it doing what is good for Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


NIAC nor any other organization can represent all the Iranian people in USA. The reason is that:

1) Iranians do not all think the same way.  Therefore it is impossible for any single point of view to represent all Iranians plain and simple.

2) NIAC is not elected by a vote of all Iranian Americans. It goes by its membership but many Iranians chose not to be members.

So  whatever they claim, they are not representing ALL Iranian Americans. They do represent their membership and seem to listen to what they say. 

As for what is good for Iran. How do any of use know that? We don't have hindsight. What if NIAC managed to start a dialogue between US and Iran and over 5-10 years that led to opening and reform of IRI. I know it is a far fetched dream but if it did happen then most fair people would say it did good. On the other hand if it simply allowed the Mullahs to remain in power and tighten their hold people would say it was bad. My point is that you don't really know. We do know that the non engagement approach of Bush did not work. In fact IRI got worse.

Next question is: Does NIAC mean well or is it "in the pay" of IRI? The only proof we have is their anti-war and anti-sanctions position. But that happens to be the position of majority of Iranian American. Particularly the ant-war part. I don't think anyone would say the majority of Iranian Americans are in the pay of IRI so the argument does not hold. Maybe NIAC is a front but those making the accusation need better proof than just their position on sanctions and/or war.

Fouzul Bashi

Mola jan - zion the Efriteh loool

by Fouzul Bashi on

Thanks Mola jan.  Zion the Efriteh has joined the colonial settlers in occupied Palestine, and FredS' Hate Brigade is trying to occupy and settle on this site!  What a stench ...

Iraneh Azad

NIAC supporters in denial

by Iraneh Azad on

All the NIAC supporters here have conveniently forgotten that NIAC essentially got its wish when the Obama administration agreed to engage the IRI directly. There was an attempt at "peace" with the IRI and the IRI gave its answer.

What else is there left to do? Sanctions all the way against the IRI. Whether we like it or not, the West is not going to back off. Yeh, the Iranian people will pay the price but it is the Iranian people who brought these people to power in the first place and can not get rid of them now. This is IRI democracy at work. The IRI is in power and they have said no to all reasonable compromises regarding the nuke issue.

I bet you that Obama even offered them security, some new boeing planes, unfreezing of assets in exchange for the nuclear deal but the IRI rejected it. Why? Because any opening to the west would mean more demands for freedom by the Iranian people and to the IRI its is more important to stay in power than give the people freedom. Giving people freedom means giving up on all that free oil money that they steal from the nation.

There is nothing left for the NIAC to do now that the IRI has rejected the West's offer. Trita and his IRI supporting gang can do all the blaming and barking they want, its over. Next phase is sanctions. Trita's approach has been a total failure.

Its time for change in leadership at NIAC as none of the Iranians in the US with real money and power support them. They are as radical as the IRI supporters and fake reformists on this site.

by the way, fake dishonest reformist! you know who you are! Answer the questions I asked you before and stop running away.

babak pirouzian

What does it really mean lobbying for Iran?

by babak pirouzian on


Was/Is lobbying good for Iranian people or Iranian regime?

Is successful lobbying make IRI less Islamic, less religious? less brutal? make them less rapist, make them more transparent?  give people more freedom?  Or is it good for a better business relations for certain group of people or organizations i.e Sepah, Basij, khodi vs naa-khodi ? The answers I believe are clear  


Some observations and questions:

About a year ago or so, NIAC/Trita's reply to a question why they are not condemning IRI for their suffocation and atrocities against Iranian people, the answer was something in this line, that NIAC is NOT a human rights organization but they work on behalf of Iranian-American and they wants to bring these two countries closer together ( sorry I am not organized enough to give you specific reference from IC archive, those who can or have more time, please help).


Last six months or so NIAC is more proactive in HR issues and in many occasions they have shown that they are more compassionate toward Iranian sufferings ( specially when Trita learnt about a friend or family member who was ill- treated or perhaps was raped or killed) , what has changed from then to now, I do not know ( could that be because of upcoming court proceeding?) .


Last couple of years, there were many questions as who are the major donnors to NIAC and to best of my knowledge, I never heard or read who they were/are, however, I was told by some friends that most chunk of money come from those who are doing major business between Iran and USA and as an example I was told about lobbying for selling second/third hand passenger Boeing planes to a third party company who would turn and re sold/re-leased them to Iranian government, apparently,  later on US official find out about the scam and the planes were returned back to US original seller.


The lobbying or being middle man involving some House or Senate members, was it for paving the road for normalization of relations or was it for purpose of trades only? did at any time question of Human Rights brought up?


Is it essential for members to know about NIAC's activities? or NIAC has cart-blanch to do whatever they want to do without member's knowledge? here we read that NIAC was in communication with Iranian Ambassador in UN, did members knew about it ? should they knew about what was going on?


Is NIAC portraying that they are representative of ALL Iranian people as "National Iranian American" while they have a few thousand members at best and the president is not US citizen yet? Do or did members knew about this fact?  


I do not have all the answers , but this could be a reasonable frame work for further discussion and further transparency.             


True to form Mola

by Hovakhshatare on

worry about Palestine.

Mola Nasredeen

Fouzul Bashi,

by Mola Nasredeen on

He means he agrees with Fred(s). We used to have a card carrying Zionist blogger named "Zion the Efriteh" and he was in agreement with her too. We haven't seen her recently, she may have joined the settlers group burning olive trees in the occupied Palestine.

Fouzul Bashi

PLEAAAAAAASE somebody decode

by Fouzul Bashi on

PLEAAAAAAASE somebody decode the previous riddle for me. I don't understand what SS is talking about (again)


:) For a Parisian hooker

by SamSamIIII on


For a Parisian hooker who beded hundreds of German soldiers, a mere french kiss with a SS guard to appease or win favours is ofcourse no biggie & is no reason for panick & suspision, ;) . After all it,s all politics & bussines, isn,t it? . & which other  bussines is more dignified than pimping dialogue for the sake of dialogue to better the image of the rapists !. 

what else can you call this sorta logic but the absolute decadence, degeneration & corruption of patriotic ethics & morals on the side of banni abbass ommaties and long time bed fellows of Qadesiyeh regime . Well, atleast the french madam had no claime to chastity & morals as exercised by our resident Mahatma,s .



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


You are so dishonest Fred, you HAVE NO QUESTIONS

by Q on

I have tried numerous times to stay on topic with you. I have argued and debated every one of your so-called points. You are not interested. You are spinning like always.

Just a couple of days ago (that's 12 blogs ago for you), you once again, dishonestly claimed no one is "addressing the topic". I specifically addressed the topic, which was you quoting Mammad's "crux of the issue" arguing how "dangerous" it would be if Iran were to be "unattackable" (this is a negative only for Israel, not US, not Iranians, not democracy).

I showed you how you are intentionally confusing "offense" with "defense"

What did you do?

You came back and claimed "nobody is addressing the topic."

You have no questions Fred. You have talking points...some scary-sounding statements that you throw round dishonestly and out of context hoping to scare and intimidate people into supporting your genocidal position when time and time again, we have told you we are not interested in sanctions or US/Israeli intervention in Iran (howEVER the vatanforush try to justify it).

You know this. You know that a big constituency of Iranians is against sanctions and therefore necessarily for dialogue. That is the only alternative to hostility and it is supported by almost all Iranians inside or outside the country.

You don't support it, which is why you are trying to scare people and demonize NIAC. Dialogue = setting up meetings.

You are using classic Neoconservative fear-mongering to sabotage any chance for dialogue, and you know it damn well.

You are against NIAC because you are against dialogue, a policy that Israel is openly hostile to. You can continue pretending you really care what NIAC calls itself, but everyone knows this is a red herring.

You have attacked not just NIAC by anybody who wants a peaceful outcome to the Iranian situation. You have attacked other people, and other organizations. Are you saying you just want them to call themselves "lobbies" too?

Don't take us for fools Fred.

You have some nerve talking about people "attacking you instead of answering questions".

- "aged Islamist wedding photographer" out


Talk Talk and more talk

by ocpersian on


Talk is cheap, so here you go

1-Selling your country for money takes a certain type

YES MKO is a good example. Sayed Hassan Daioleslam is rumored to be a member.  He denies though

2-Without 1 money does not flow so easily from various sources including IRR

    OH? what happened to those  Succesfull Iranian Americans with net worth over $100 Billion -  

LA Based TV's collect 10 times niac's budget every year. So there seems to be plenty of money out there. Want to know how to collect?  Watch Shahram Homanyoun (Channel 1).  He is DA MAN when it comes to marketing to Iranians!

3-There is plenty being done but they don't get featured here in IC left and right   Enlighten us with some specifics

4-your LA comparison is not that different than bringing AIPAC to this conversation (see my earlier comments to jj)

Truth hearts.  NIAC has only existed since 2002 (9 years the most), what is the excuse for the other 21 years IRR existance? Fact is if it not Trita Parsi, it is someone else - not our fault - see how IRR is dividing us - this is the line I hear the most  

5-telling people to go do it yourself is another way of avoiding answering questions- legitimate questions.

What is the question?  Trita wrote to IRR UN Ambassador? JJ already answered that

6- Countering an organization that works against interests of Iranians is activism. A small step but a step nonetheless. So people won't disappear based on your simplistic advice and logic.

Interest of Iranians?  You know their interests? That's your opnion.  Others think differently.


Re: Fred's statement to JJ

by AMIR1973 on

Fred says: "I am certainly sorry that you’ve confused me with an Israeli citizen and asked me a question about their lobby."
AIPAC is primarily based in the US not Israel. Therefore, it is best characterized as a US lobby.    Fred: are you not a US citizen? If you are, then your above- quoted statement is misleading.


Troublesome questions

by Fred on

I posted a blog with direct quotes from just one of many documents NIAC lobby has had to provide in a legal proceeding which itself has commenced.  The documents prove lobby’s president and at least one other NIAC lobby representative have been less than truthful in their public assertion that the lobby does not have an ongoing relationship with IRR official(s).  

In case some might have forgotten we are talking about a regime that rapes, tortures and murders Iranian men, women and children on large scale.  Questioning someone who claims to not having any on going relationship with such regime and then incontrovertible documents prove otherwise is cause for alarm.

I did not make anything up, there are legitimate questions,there are even more troublesome unanswered questions arising from other available documents,  vilifying me will not make the questions go away.  Not a single NIAC lobby defender even attempted to answer the questions, instead went after me and what might be my motive(s).

Lets assume I have the most vile motives imaginable, which I don’t, but NIAC lobby admirers, supporters and members’ treatment of me and others like me is no way for a “grassroots” organization they claim it to be to treat such situations.   


ocpersian, thank you for a graphic demonstration of safsate

by Hovakhshatare on

and maghlate. It fails at almost every level of fact and logic:

1-Selling your country for money takes a certain type

2-Without 1 money does not flow so easily from various sources including IRR

3-There is plenty being done but they don't get featured here in IC left and right

4-your LA comparison is not that different than bringing AIPAC to this conversation (see my earlier comments to jj)

5-telling people to go do it yourself is another way of avoiding answering questions- legitimate questions.

6- Countering an organization that works against interests of Iranians is activism. A small step but a step nonetheless. So people won't disappear based on your simplistic advice and logic.

Stick to the topic and argue it instead of trying to make questions and views disappear. We already have suffocation via IRR and trita/niac are essentially supporting that. If you disagree argue for your position.


To All NIAC and Trita Parsi Bashers

by ocpersian on

To all Trita Parsi & NIAC Bashers,

If a 35 years old Swedish-Iranian who is not even a U.S. citizen is having such an influence on American Congress and Foreign Policy, then imagine what a good portion of well educated, rich, and smart Iranian-Americans can do.

So rather than bashing Trita and NIAC, I would say go do it.  Create your own lobby or whatever you want to call it and become more influential than NIAC and Trita.

This is America, go and compete with NIAC.  Otherwise talking and complaining forever would not get you anywhere. Just ask the LA Based opposition.  For 30 years they have been moaning and complaining.

So put your money where your mouth is, JUST DO IT.  Don’t like NIAC, create your own and implement your visions!


 Dear Fred: Are you

by vildemose on

 Dear Fred: Are you attending this event? See below link.


Sahimi Keynotes Seattle Conference on Iran, U.S., Israel Relations



Students grill Trita Parsi

by vildemose on

Students grill Trita Parsi at American College of law

by saboohi on

Saboohi jan: I'm not surprised at all that he failed to make his case. He is not exactly the brightest but I do support his anti-war and anti-sanction efforts although, he is not doing a good job at that either.  


Saboohi aziz

by IRANdokht on

The student responded that this was false, as the heads of the Green Movement are those involved with Takhim e Vahdat.

The student pointed out the falsity of Mr.Parsi’s assertion in stating that reform is the hope of the movement.

At this point, the student noted that there will be a panel in which Mr. Akbar Atri himself will be speaking on a panel at Georgetown on Sunday...

Such brilliant student who figured out who the "heads" of the green movement are, announced Mr Atri's lecture, invited Dr Parsi to participate in a debate... Very impressive student who can manage the lectures and invite people to forums and debates at Georgetown.

Can you please find out who wrote this piece? I didn't see an author name.

Thank you



Well said Fozul Bashi

by Hovakhshatare on

Saboohi's links expose the hypocracy and MO but Trita will dance from here to eternity before he answers  a straight question. You are right about the crux of it what Trita/NIAC do/say: 'work with this regime and you'll get more because they are desperate to stay in power and running out of options. Meanwhile, pay me to facilitate that conversation. IRR has already paid because they want to talk.'

It is fascinating how war, no-war argument is leveraged to cloak the vatanforoushi.

Fouzul Bashi

Saboohi, it has nothing to do with the internal politics

by Fouzul Bashi on

The issues with domestic legitimacy of the regime in Iran  has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of establishment of dialogue to avert wars and to stop sanctions which are a prelude to war and hurt the population rather than the regime.  Here the issue is not Dr Parsi's position on the ability of the system to be reformed (a legitimate view that many Iranian patriots hold in and out of the country, that is, those who do not seek a violent overthrow or revolution and believe in incremental steps for transformation), the issue is Dr Parsi's establishing channels for dialogue for peace which has to be done irrespectively of who is in power in Iran.

Artificial Intelligence

Thanks for the Link Saboohi- Trita & NIAC are out of touch

by Artificial Intelligence on

with reality just like many monarchist are out of touch with reality. I don't trust NIAC at all. Obama has tried to engage the IRR and its failing miserably regardless of AIPAC or the Necons. The West gave the IRR a good deal and they have chosen to take the confrontational stance as expected by many. The IRR is betting that confrontation with the West will prolong its existence. 

I have stated previously that I am against sanctions. I am still against sanctions. NIAC is not helping the situation. Naively blaming "AIPAC" "NEOCONS" and the rest of the typical outlandish wacky talking points will not get anywhere with the Obama administration. The Obama administration has first hand experience on the futility of dealing with the evil mullahs and Sepah.

I can never trust someone like Trita precisely for the answers he gives in the reported interview you provided. Thanks.  




Students grill Trita Parsi at American College of law

by saboohi on

For those of you who thank Mr. Parsi for his realistic views on diplomacy, see how did students grill him and he didn't have any response.

Trita Parsi Unable to Defend Legitimacy of Engagement Policy

"The student pointed out the falsity of Mr.Parsi’s assertion in stating
that reform is the hope of the movement. Another colleague of Moussavi,
former President of Iran, Khatami, came out and said that the regime
was illegitimate and reform was no longer an option."


Fouzul Bashi

Thank you Fred!

by Fouzul Bashi on

I must hand it to you!  Your diligence made me proud ... of Trita Parsi for his consistent and tireless efforts to explore realistic channels to establish dialogue between Iran and the US in place of debilitating and destructive sanctions and a devastating war.   I am grateful Mr Parsi for your intelligence, integrity and courage to defend Iran and Iranians against these AIPAC vultures and shameless warmongers.


I should actually thank

by Bavafa on

I should actually thank Fred for his consistent and biased attack against NIAC

Every time I see these random non-sense attack against those who promote peace and diplomacy towards Iran & Iranians, I am reminded that I should send my donation and support without delay.

Isn't ironic that we are told that the solution to Israel-Palestinians conflict is only thru diplomacy and when it comes to Iran, it seems the only solution they want to apply is thru sanctions and war.

One wonders if they will be happy and supportive if there was a true and democratic election in Iran. Would then Fred recognize that government if it was still outspoken against the Israeli atrocities that takes place in Palestine?

He has dodged many questions so I not hopeful to get a response this time.

The regime in Iran must change and will change but ONLY Iranians need and must make that change if they are to have their independence.


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

"trita!!!! i am your father!!!!!" fred loves trita

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

deep down, this obsession by fred, if not funded or because of employment strikes me as unhealthy, freedom of precious fred speech aside. 

i would love to see this movie when a devilish, dark, angry character like voldemort/FRED/sith turns out to be dr. trita's father. how funny.

did you get that champagne for your sanctions party? you eat and drink while tomorrow they die fred the peacock. bon appetit! cheers! here's to airtight, angry blogs in 2010. no air in here. goodbye


The imperialist mindset on full display

by Q on

Fred, you're getting a little sloppy hiding this lately.

I see it quite differently. The ones who work toward peace are those who are advocating the overthrow of the regime before it ignites a war,

Israel, AIPAC, Mossad, CIA, Neocons and MEK are all "working for peace". You fund terrorists, seperatists and sabatage "for peace!"

How brainwashed does one really have to be to consider foreign-funded meddling of Iranian business to be "working for peace" ? How un-Iranian can you get?

The comical imperialist is so out of touch with reality that he doesn't even consider the possibility of wrong-doing by his imperialist benefactors.

Just like Iraq, Fred is fully leading the charge for a war to "prevent war". of course he opposes dialog and now is trying to cirminilize diplomacy retroactively. This is why Fred and his benefactors consider NIAC a threat to their hard-work.

Just like Iraq, it may take 12 years of "airtight sanctions" and half a million dead children until war becomes a less risky option for the imperialists.

But they will wait.


Thanks Fred - Great Job

by masoudA on

.......My responsibility as the NIAC president is to also present the majority view per our statistics and mention the minority view. Other than that, we should stick to the game plan........

You know what this tells me - it tells me American Decesion makers do solicitate what majority and even minority of Iranian/Americans think.   It also tells me how pathetic we are in misplacing our social and organizational priorities - allowing this IRR (Via these bozos) represent us with 500 members.   We are pathetic because 30,000 of us can gather around googoosh in one night - yet after 30 years we still don't have political representation.   

Dear VK -  I fully understand you.   Your intentions have been noble - just don't let yourself be used anymore.   There is a big hands behind NIAC - but not any bigger than the one which will smash it. 


NIAC has to answer about its internal documents

by saboohi on

What do they have to say about these facts:




These are not myth. These are from their email corespondets. I urged NIAC to make another myth or facts article based on these documents.