by Fred

Just like the imposition and the subsequent easing of weak sanctions, various offers accompanied by fantastic rewards, endless meetings with 5 plus one or even one on one with high American officials have not deflected IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic from its acquisition of weaponized nuke, international terrorism and wholesale violation of human rights of its enslaved Iranian population—the latest more robust set of international sanctions will not fare any better.

Before the messianic Islamist Rapists with announced mission to “manage the world” impose a devastating war on Iran and in the process destabilize the vital ME region even further than they have done till now, the sane world has to step up to the plate.

Iranian people have demonstrated their burning desire for the Western style freedom and the awesome bravery to achieve it, but they need the helping hand of the Democracies just like those democracies got help in achieving theirs.

Realizing after so many decades of trying to live with the virulent Islamist beast is an impossibility, it is high time to take no for an answer. Helping Iranians to retire their Islamist Rapist tyrants is to be helping the world.


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China, India, South Korea...

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Have look aroud, where are the new immigrants to US, Canada, UK, and Australia coming from? From economic ever booming China, India the biggest democracy in the world or South Korea with thriving economy as well as a good western style democracy. How many times you hear a chiness guy wishes somebody bomb the hell out of his country?

Immigration is a useful tool for developing countries, they send out their nationals those people upload(money, education) and come back to their countries and dowload whatever they earned right in there. immigration is good for both sides.

Having said this, I wish I could go back to Iran(now) but I dont have mean to do that- Habiab, the singer, is much braver than I am since he did go back after all these years.  I said these before and you did not seem to get it.Perhaps a quote from my buddy Masoud Dehnamki could help to make this understood

عدةای حج رفتن و حاجی شدند  عدةای ماندن و اخراجی شدند

I didnt go to Haj, the first requirment for getting fat and rich, so I got expelled, 

ram jams



by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Talking about GPD and PPP without taking in considertion of the national debt-let's call it DP, debt per capital-could be very decieving. For years, the banker who happened to be graduates of the finest economic and bussines schools in the west have manipulated the data. For instance, Leighman brothers was making tons of money up to Sep 2008 and next thing we heard was the collapse of the bank, which wiped out billions of dollars, dollars that never existed in the real life. Iran has almost no debt while, for instance, Sauadi, the biggest producer of oil, has so much debts-they purchased US treasury bonds, which they can now paper their walls with them.Thanks to Ahmadinejad right monetary policy, Iran stayed out of that destructive, manpulitave, and speculative game of the western fianace. Western economy is sick, while the iranian one is healthy, and this is the main reason US cant get any substential sancation agianst Iran. The procced from oil has been spent in big gas and oil projects-still not enough and needs more. Iranian money is in Iran, southeren Pars project or greatly increasing the output of refinary producing gas. 

ram jams


"I voted Ahmadinejad": Here are some numbers

by AMIR1973 on

Iran's GDP per capita ranking in 1979 (50th according to this source)



Iran's GDP per capita ranking in 2009 (68th or 71st according to this source--there are a couple lists in these link):



And remember, the Shah's government had high oil prices only from 1973-1978. The IRI has seen some of the highest oil prices ever, particularly during Ahmadi's term. Iran earned more in oil revenues during the first couple years of Ahmadi's term than during the 8 years of Khatami--not that I support either of those two animals. How pathetic that after 31 years of oil and natural gas revenues, the IRI is still an economic basket case. Now, keep defending the regime that is the biggest killer of Iranians--while living in Sheytan-e Bozorg, of course.

mola in boshkeh

Sanctions no, bombs yes!

by mola in boshkeh on

What the Islamic Regime needs is massive carpet bombing aimed at its infrastructures, the revolutionary guards barracks, the basijies, and every turban wearing, and black-tent wearing two-legged moving living thing!

That's called a true sanction. You truly sanction them from life on this planet!


let's see some numbers

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

I can provide many links(all reliable) for my estament here is one where on the very first line you see the Iranian ranking in GDP


so do u see the ranking of Iranian economy? right 16th? BS? u got lots of it.

Now come on you provide a source, a reliable one like mine, to prove Iran was better off during shah era. And how would that be possible when Iran was earrning 20 b and spending 12 b on armament? oh yeah shah and his gang were honest and did not take a penny of Iran money.


ram jams


"I voted for Ahmadinejad": When do Islamists not lie?

by AMIR1973 on

In 1979, Iran's GDP per capita ranking was either 47th or 50th in the world (depending on the source); currently, it is either 68th or 71st (depending on the source). "Reformist" Islamist Rapists (Mousavi, Khatami, etc) and "conservative" Islamist Rapists (Ahmadi, Khamenei, etc) are all the same garbage. The current gang of Ahmadi and his fellow IRGC murderers are stealing up natural gas deals at very little cost, so try your b.s. on someone else.


asking for permission

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

Iran is poorer than it was in 1979!!! non sens. Check Iranian Average Income , it just hit a new record high. any thing wrong with Iran would be the fault of high ranking leadership in green movment who used to run the country and whom you and your kind voted for. Next one of us, next time around, will ask your permission to come to the west. are you some kind of ambassodor or your job is to locate people loyal to Iran who dont want their country be bombed and want the best for Iran. Have you got my ip address so you pass it to.....!!!!!

ram jams


"I voted for Ahmadinejad"

by AMIR1973 on

What's been happening to the trillions of dollars of oil and natural gas money for the past 31 years? Iran is poorer now than it was in the 1970s. Are IRI supporters really accusing others of corruption and rottenness, when their IRI is the biggest killer of Iranians in recent history and the biggest robbers of the Iranian people's money? Roo ra beram. What are you doing in Sheytan-E Bozorg (or is it Sheytan-e Koochik) rather than in your beloved Islamist Utopia when the IRI has made Iran so wonderful?


IRI agenta and freedom fighters like you Amir

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

So now we are paid agents of IRI and hid in our holes while you are the revulotionary fighting to liberate.... what aur you liberating agian?what happened to million and million of dollars assaigned by the congress to topple Iranian goverment? which goverment ordered facebook and twitter to help Iranian opposition to get their massage out? which foriegn minister comes out and openly speaks on behalf of the opposition? who went to Israel and met with the zionist president?....and the list goes onnnn. 33 years and on, the corrupt , rotten iranian opposition would do any thing for fist of dollars.

I would not be bothered by being called agent of IRI or an islamist-I am a iranian -muslim or a muslim-iranian-however, hipocracy has no limit .

ram jams


Burden of proof

by Fred on

Nice try, but no cigar. If you wish to equate the murderous political ideology of Islamists with the religion of Islam, that is your misunderstanding.

Your ignorance of appreciating the difference between a religion and a Nazi like ideology does not give you license to mark people for death.

You made the charge, burden of proof is on you. Prove it, retract it or join the rank of Haji.


So you are misunderstood?

by reader1 on

No hatred of  Islam but islamists?  As the most prolific blogger on this site, perhaps you would care to direct me to a single blog of yours where you showed some respect towards your fellow Iranians of moselm heritage?


Where and when?

by Fred on

“…an irrational and obsessive hatred of Islam and IRI.”

 “Hatred of Islam” is a charge tantamount to a death sentence which the Islamist Rapists use all the time to silence their critics.

Should an accuser not be an Islamist Rapist and have an iota of decency left, he/she either substantiates the charge with direct evidence or retracts it.

Where and when? Cite the exact wording or retract the death sentence.

FYI, an Islamist Rapist Republic nuke lobbyist Haji has leveled the same charge against me without substantiating it and therefore he has been called a sack of Islamist liar for doing it.  


Fred is a mystery wrapped in an enigma

by reader1 on

I don’t know what to make of Fred. Is he an Iranian? I once was absolutely convinced that he was a foreign agent of some sort, probably an expert in  Iranian politics,  who lurks around this site for his research work and on occasions get a kick out of winding up the pro-IRI visitors of this site. But then he wrote a touching blog on “Going back to Iran” which turned things upside down for me and I felt obliged to apologize to him for my hasty judgment of his character and identity  .I now think Fred is just an harmless individual with an irrational and obsessive hatred of Islam and IRI.  I am seriously concerned that this hatred would eventually kill him  - and where would be without Fred? Probably a much duller place!


Hopping mad Islamists

by AMIR1973 on

The West-residing IRI Cyber Groupies are escalating the heights of insanity and inanity in response to these sanctions, as demonstrated by their comments on The sanctions are a step in the right direction but will likely need to be made broader. The Islamist propagandists living in the West are naturally annoyed that the oil money trough hogged by IRI cronies may be getting smaller, but how else do you expect pigs to react?

If it's any consolation, O IRI Cyber Groupies, IRI is a regional superpower and its highly diversified economy will continue humming along as it has been, despite the sanctions  :-)


Atta boy Fred

by mahmoudg on

To free Iran from the clutches of this tyrannical cult we call Islam, there is only one choice left to the world powers.  We need to surgically attack its strongholds, and the people will do the rest.



by Fred on

Two more rabid Islamist commenters would make it an even half dozen the minimum number needed to have a composition contest to win a Khoroos-Ghandi.

The Bakht… chap has a good chance.


worthless blogs

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

I dont know and dont care if this F guy has any Iranian background or not, but one thing for sure, he must have connection in higher hierachcy of this site. His blogs not only are hateful and anti iranian, but his eniglish as well as persian are pretty basi-never mind the contxt-c yet the blogs all go on the first page.t. I thought bahais running this site!!! or he is the head of bahais in Israeil???

ram jams


Not a fan of US foreign policy on Iran in any way

by fooladi on

After All we got Shah and islamic regime thanks to them. 

But this sanction thing must be doing something bad to the regime. From khamenei and ahmahinezhad , to their Tooleh sags on cyber space have been screaming foul since it's introduction...



comment on comments

by Marjaneh on

note the sentence structures and rhythm in both languages....(Is there a third?)



Fredsy, I'll get back to commenting on the blog later. In the meantime Lloyd's have upped the "game" (sanctions)....And Iran is playing seriously bad poker....

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin

Sargord Pirouz

More hate for Iran from the

by Sargord Pirouz on

More hate for Iran from the Fred/Ted. 

You were never serious about going back to Iran, were you, Fred Ted. No, that was just a lie. No one filled with this much hate would go back.

I can't believe this hate speech is allowed to go on the way it does, week after week. It's like reading something from the American Nazis or KKK, never informative, just hate, hate, hate.


Can you Israelis go post on jpost of whatever?

by amgw4 on




by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Tell me honestly. Who helps you with the Persian texts? Is it OnlyIran, IranIran, IranThis, IranThat, or one of the 4 lousy Farsi1 dubbers you have hired from your pal Murdoch?