Nouveau patriotism

by Fred

First some basic facts about life in IRR, the Islamist Rapist republic:

Fact, according to the latest U.N. report, fifteen percent of the world’s total narcotics is consumed in Iran.

Fact, IRR has the highest brain drain in the world.

Fact, IRR has the highest per capita traffic death in the world.

Fact, IRR is the world’s leader in child execution.

Fact, IRR has eighteen percent of her population living below absolute poverty line 2007.

Fact, IRR ranks along with China as the world’s biggest prison for journalists.

The list is long and citing more facts runs the risk of inducing and in some cases aggravating the existing deep depressions.

  Glancing at the above sampling of facts makes it abundantly clear things have not worked the way promised by the Islamists. Those Iranians who are not suffering from the ravages of Alzheimer or personal dislike of historical facts still remember the long list of promised elusive inalienable rights that remain unfulfilled. But all is not lost; according to some the cornerstone of missing inalienable rights has been identified.

Iranians have long been denied this inalienable right which is so vital that it has to be fought for at all cost, no amount of national treasure, manpower, even if it comes to it, blood is to be denied in its pursuance. Once this long-denied inalienable right is acquired other things can be worked out.

If you are thinking of liberty, equality or anything of the sort, you are not thinking patriotically enough.


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