Nuking Iran

by Fred

The lobbyist for IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, amongst others, have always portrayed their client’s nuke program in terms of regional balance of power and ultimately as an assurance against war being imposed on Iran. They have consistently said regardless of what system of governance is ruling over Iran the nuke program will make it safer for Iranians.  

Needless to say these self-serving arguments never passed the laugh test. The Islamists and lovelies never got tired of their so and so has it why not Iran, or, hairsplitting NPT provisions trying to whitewash IRR’s openly illegal nuke program.

Now comes the incontrovertible proof that nuke in the hands of their beloved Anti-Capitalist Islamist Rapist Republic has put Iran in the crosshair of nuke retaliation alongside North Korea.

Here is what Bob Gates, the American Secretary of Defense said about the new U.S. nuke doctrine and how it specifically exempts Iran and N. Korea.

"If there is a message for Iran and North Korea here, it is that if you're going to play by the rules, if you're going to join the international community, then we will undertake certain obligations to you. But if you're not going to play by the rules, if you're going to be a proliferator, then all options are on the table in terms of how we deal with you"   

All remains to be said is, thank you all you Islamists/Anti-Semites and likeminded lefty allies for helping to put Iran in a nuke vise, happy now?




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Fred jan,

by Midwesty on

It's a grave mistake to assume using Nukes against Iran will ever deter Iranians in any shape or form. The Japan's scenario won't happen. So there will be one option, to nuke the entire country, and then the neighbors, and then the entire Muslim community, and then the friends of Muslims and then the empathizes, and the sympathizers and ... Of course, this is my own opinion and will not be proven right or wrong until the actual nukes being exchanged. So you be the wise man and tell us who is going to benefit from a nuclear war?

As your beloved Einstein said, "I don't know what weapons will be used in world war three, but in world war four people will use sticks and stones".

Now, happy?

The main question is why so much "shaash" you guys have to wrap this up so quickly? Are the nukes expiration dates are coming soon and the easiest way of disposing of them is actually to use them?

What are the purpose of using Nukes? To change Iran's behavior? Don't you think letting Iran to join the WTO, letting Iran to join the international community, respecting her rightful rights and territorial integrity and influence in the region, exchanging students and cultural events will not change her behavior from bottom-up?