O NIAC/CASMII lobby Where Art Thou?

by Fred

The show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic had a news conference in which he announced the “conditions” which have to be met before the Islamist Rapists would seat at the negotiation table over their illegal weaponized nuke activities.

The fact that the Islamist Rapists are setting ”conditions” for talking while not that long ago they were bemoaning  and condemning the sane world for setting “conditions” to talk is not the point of this blog, hypocrisy is an inbred thing with the Islamists.

Neither is the fact that the three main “conditions” set by the show president of the Islamist Rapists are asinine Islamist jive talk.

But the striking thing is none of the usual concerned who were adamantly for unconditional talks are nowhere to be seen. Entities like NIAC lobby and its conjoined twin CASMII lobby have not come out condemning IRR for setting “conditions” as they did with the sane world. What gives?




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