Obama shock & awe

by Fred

English Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions defines “'Be careful what you wish for, lest it come true” as:

“If you get things that you desire, there may be unforeseen and unpleasant consequences.”

These days this idiom applies to every single member of the triumvirate of Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty lap poodle of allies who really saw their Messiah in candidate Obama.

Many did all they could to help get him into the White House and were in hog heaven when he was elected as the 44th U.S. President.

And now the policies which President Obama is pursuing in Afghanistan, Iraq and particularly as of late in regards to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, have cause dejection, implanting a permanent deer-in-the-headlights look on the triumvirate.

By blaming other enteritis supposedly imposing their will on the triumvirate’s Messiah, as a self-fooling tactic many are trying every which way to make some sense of Obama shock and awe, justify their own naïveté.

What before signing the latest sanctions law the President in essence said to the Islamist Rapist tyrants ruling over Iran apply to the triumvirate as well. You sought it and now you have got it.       


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This is an Israeli propaganda site

by amgw4 on

Quick message to naive new visitors who came to "Iranian" dot com. This is not an Iranian site but rather an Israeli propaganda site. About 10-20 Israeli mouthpieces have camped the domain "Iranian.com" and constantly publish extreme AIPAC propaganda here. If you visit the site often enough you will be able to identify them (and many of the monikers are likely manned by one person). They are joined by the occasional MKO poster. There are virtually no articles about Iranian society, life in Iran or Iranians on here that do not come from an AIPAC perspective.


I've got an(other) issue!- Interrupting the type-butting -

by Marjaneh on

I repeat (posted on another blog, very possibly overlooked:

"Would the poster please explain what "Mien Führer" means?

Does the poster mean "Mein Führer" or is this a case of gAv na gAb? (and I don't know what gab means either, but apparently it's funny) Or some other significance?"


And another 'issue'. Would the poster please state his/her 'ideas' on the issue of bombing Iran clearly and exactly, please. (Preferably in a way, that I'll get it.)


Please, note (Warning)  that I'll nag (not pleasant!) until I know exactly what's cooking....(and whilst I do enjoy yours and some others' writing styles, I'm not too fond of fake imitations of romantic 19C duels. Just too romantic  and pitiful for words!)



"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."



Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, you Islamists are so predictable. You say:

“the person who claims to speak on behalf of 70 million iranians inside iran and how airtight sanctions (an act of war) is good for them. its rich Fred, very rich.”

Sanctions being an act of war is another one of the mindless Islamists’ cliché. Allies sanction one another over economic disputes all the times, and it never leads to hot war. So what you Islamists say  is not necessarily true that sanctions are “an act of war”.

That said, you claim I’ve spoken “on behalf of 70 million iranians (sic)”.

Since your Islamist buddies do it all the time and are challenged every single time, you should know the routine by now; prove it by citing my exact words where I’ve said what you claim.

Islamists never learn not to lie.


Speak for yourself, fred.


Says the person who claims to speak on behalf of 70 million iranians inside iran and how airtight sanctions (an act of war) is good for them. its rich Fred, very rich.

While you're at it, dont forget to attend Bill Kristol's 4th of July party today. He is expected to speak and you as a good servant must listen to his every word.


Efey is right

by I Voted Ahmadinejad on

He disaointed many but Iran is not one of them,he wrote letter to the leader of islamic revolution asking for his mercy. sancation just passed is nothing but a paper tiger sit and watch, which has been the daily activity of anti- iran opposition for past 32 years and will be their main job for years to come.

ram jams


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer, two things,

One, too much hate is not good for you; I know it is inbred with you Islamists, but try to spew and consume it in moderation, basically, if you can,  cut back on your main staple.

And, for the umpteenth time, you are not in your Islamist Rapist Republic. Unless you are duly authorized to speak for many, mien Führer, here in the sane world try to speak for yourself and cut out using plural adjectives.

“hate your tone. hate your (il)logic. hate how you try to shove your point down our throats. Are you sure you're not allahpundit? “”


its like reading pajamasmedia.com and hotair.com


hate your tone. hate your (il)logic. hate how you try to shove your point down our throats. Are you sure you're not allahpundit?


So I take it that because you do have a brain you voted for

by Marjaneh on

Ralph Nader instead? Right? Ooops, I mean left.


Oh and why would anyone be shocked? Pretty obviously clarified, as soon as Gates was appointed - I mean, even I know that!

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin