The odd couple

by Fred

The leading proponents of the “Green Movement” or at least the ones with the most media exposure have begun verbalizing their goal. It seems the movement is not about any fundamental change of governance in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic; rather, it is a reformation of the existing system.

True, many key elements of a democracy as understood by conventional wisdom is woven into their dogma, but they are all piggybacked on a reconfigured version of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

In other words, using the familiar expression of the New Year season, for all intents and purposes the “Green Movement” as defined by these leading supporters is the regifting of the much touted and failed Islamist “reformation” movement within the confines of IRR.

Should this reading of the “Green Movement” pan out, just like its predecessor, it will be incapable of being all inclusive, will begin to lose its mass appeal and be limited to Islamists with different vision of IRR than the faction which has the upper hand.

If so, wouldn’t it be the umpteenth try at marrying the irreconcilable doctrines of religion and democratic governance?

Would it ever be possible, it has yet not been so anywhere, to have such union in which religion, any religions, even the interpretive version of one wear the pants in such marriage?

Why Iran and Iranians get to be the Ginny pig for this foolish experimentation?



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Dear Fred

by masoudA on

Please be extremely careful.   Many are trying to Hijack the Green - do not fall for the statements that are issued - especially those outside Iran.   No matter how much you agree with the statements - please do not bestow the leadership of Green to elements like these (the ex reformists or IR left wing).   People are sick of IR and everything ever tied to it.   Moussavi and Karoubi said it best - they are just following the Green. 

BTW - the statement issued by Moussavi is designed to create further cracks in IR - he knows it well it will never be accpeted by the Chagoo Keshs in Charge of Iran.  

People have IR by the throat - be careful about some of the efforts by people like Ganji (his family is inside Iran and kind of hostage to IR).  


Mien Führer

by Fred on

If people with your repeatedly verbalized exclusionary vision and habit of denaturalizing Iranians that you disagree with of their birthrights are representative of the “Green Movement” you can keep it Mien Führer.

ps. It is airtight and not "crippling" sanctions which I advocate.


It's about time you woke up


It's about time you woke up and see the society in Iran for what it really is instead of what you want it to be.


Perhaps your reaction is a good explanation for why you like crippling sanctions so much. You just dont care about "the green movement". 

Maryam Hojjat

Europe was first experimentation of this Ginny pig

by Maryam Hojjat on

& It is sad in 21th century we Iranians are experimenting this again sadly.