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by Fred

On 5 July 2010, Mr. Ahmadinejad the show President of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic said the following about the sane world’s sanctions against IRR:

"They know they cannot do a damn thing with sanctions,"

What the Islamist Rapist have, that which sustains their despicable creating, bankrolling international/domestic terrorism,  implementing barbaric Islamist savagery on hapless victims which include raping, torturing, eye gouging, limb chopping and murdering Iranian men, women and children, is oil.

And it seems that is where the recently enacted sanctions, as weak as they are right now, have begun to bite the jugular of the Islamist Rapists. China Post reports:

“But these latest economic sanctions are leading some international buyers, including India, China and Japan, to look elsewhere for their oil.

For a country in which more than 50 percent of trade revenues are generated by oil, this tougher export environment is a big threat.  


“It's unfair competition,” Hossein Noghrekar Shirazi, the deputy oil minister responsible for trade and international links, said in an interview with a Iranian newspaper.  


Iran has responded by offering customers big discounts on its crude.  


Figures released by the Oil Ministry reveal that Tehran is selling oil to its few remaining European customers for US$3 to US$7-a-barrel less than other oil-producing nations. 

According to Akbar Torkan, a former senior oil ministry official now at Iran's Center for Strategic Studies, “Our current concern is selling oil, not the price.”

Should the sane world not let go of the jugular follow it up with material help to the brave and fed up Iranian people to overthrow IRR, chances are the obituary of Islamist ideology can be started to be formulated adding it to the other defeated dead and buried likewise virulently murderous ideologies like Nazism, Khmer-Rougism  ….  






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Mien Führer

by Fred on

  Two quick pints,

1- If being as you put it an “armchair activist, sitting comfortably in the west” wanting the Islamist Rapists off Iran and Iranians’ back is a bad thing, guilty as charged.

But, what does that say about people like you who oppose such thing and as an “armchair activist, sitting comfortably in the west” want the Islamist Rapists' murderous rule continue uninterrupted?

2- You are right people like me have an interest in the overthrow of your IRR, but as their supporter you would never be able to understand the reason for it.

You are too green, do not skip class.


amrchair warriors


Fred the armchair activist, sitting comfortably in the west, wants to cut off the flow of oil to the regime without regards for anyone but his own interest. what a hero!


That's in some ways encouraging to read,

by Marjaneh on

except that of course, they'll take it out more on the population?


"... implementing barbaric Islamist savagery on hapless victims which include raping, torturing, eye gouging, limb chopping  ..."

I've just been sick.

(Thanks for sharing Marjaneh )


If I had a mind; I'd change it.   - Marjaneh



by Fred on

You are absolutely correct; I too noticed that erroneous 50% figure and did send the Taiwanese paper an email inquiring about the reporter, Ms. Mazaheri’s source(s).


For the record

by AMIR1973 on

  I've always seen figures of 80-90% with respect to the proportion of IRI's export earnings generated from sales of oil (which would reinforce the significance of this blog even more). The website below is just one example among many. Otherwise, interesting and valid points are raised in this blog:   "The economy is heavily dependent on hydrocarbon exports and dominated by the oil industry, economic growth is strongly influenced by oil market developments. Around 80 per cent of total export earnings are generated from oil revenues."        //www.dfat.gov.au/geo/iran/iran_country_brief.html