Old habits


by Fred

It is said old habits die hard, that is if the habits have not become the defining factor in which case kicking them is tantamount to ending the life form.

For example, by now it should be a given that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, cannot kick the thirty year habit of assassinating, torturing and raping men, women and children, some to death, simply because it is an  intrinsic habit. Or whole set of other Islamist state administered savagery such as chopping limbs, gouging eyes out or stringing up people en mass in the public from construction cranes or traffic lights. As long as IRR exists in any shape or form so do its intrinsic habits.

But the subject habit of this blog is about that one habit which the IRR is mostly defined by, that which through practice during past three decades on Iranian and foreign nationals alike it has mastered to the level of violin virtuoso playing a Stradivarius, the habit of hostage taking.  From its inception to the present day taking of hostages has become the defining characteristic of the IRR. Those who follow the Islamist regime’s antics know that hostage taking is as a mundane and routine a matter to the IRR officials as opening a door is prior to entering any room.

The latest public confirmation of this intrinsic habit of the IRR has come in the from of the President of Senegal acting as the go between the hostage takers, IRR, and France.

President Abdoulaye Wade on his way back from a one day visit to IRR on October 17 made a stopover in Paris and delivered the hostage takers message in a radio interview. The text of the message as Radio France International Persian service reports it is:

The Senegalese President said “he met a person [in Iran] who on the condition of two Iranians being set free from French prisons, said he is prepared to set Clotilde Reiss free”. Abdoulaye hs offered Senegal as location for the exchange. 

One of the two Iranians that IRR wants released is Ali Vakili-Rad.  He was part of the assassination team dispatched from IRR which murdered and decapitated former Iranian Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar and his assistant, Soroosh Katibeh, in a suburb of Paris in 1991. And the hostage, Clotile Reiss, is a twenty four year old French girl who because of her Iranian nanny fell in love with Persian language and culture, became highly proficient in both and was teaching French and studying Persian in Isfahan.

In some cases old habits never die.





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