One a day just like the Vitamin

by Fred

Now that for all intents and purposes the “Green Movement” is as dead as a door nail and IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is happily back at its thirty one year diet of raping, torturing and murdering Iranian men, women and children, the unanswered question remains, now what?

What else is expected of the brave Iranian people to do which they have not done already?

What is it exactly that the supporters of the “Green Movement” who are in the safety and security of the sane world want Iranians under the yoke of the Islamist Rapist do for them?

Is wearing a green colored item of clothing, a wrist band or writing loads of feel-good essays glorifying the “Green Movement” going to do it? And what is exactly that it which they are after?

The purported leaders of the “Green Movement” have repeatedly said their goal is to go back to the tenets of “Imam Khomeini” is that what ails Iran?

They want no sanctions, fine; they say no war, from their lips to God’s. If they don’t mind, how exactly are they proposing to unseat the unreformable Islamist Rapist Republic which at a drop of a hat rapes, maims and murders Iranian men, women and children?

BTW, lets pretend there is no urgency to the danger IRR’s weaponized nuke has placed Iran and Iranians under. But while waiting for the magical “Green Movement” potion to be formulated; just like “Imam Khomeini” did a lot of it, at least one Iranian a day like One a Day Vitamin, which includes children is being hanged by the Islamist Rapists.  


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free vs islam


by free vs islam on

Who knew that after election so many people will come out against 30 years of killing and rape and etc.

I agree with you and really what is blue print? So called Gree party Leaders are the same people that choosen by Rapists Arab cleric regime and very clearly they admit it and they want to go back to same constution that everyone aginst it and we all know that they are not the one who people would of choosen if there was a choice.

These so called leaders fighting for their own interest and not in nations interest.If there is a leader who could chalange the khamenie just like Iranian people do there would been different outcome. if these leaders would not join the other Groups and unite everyone there would no results. what we need today is the leader that willing to work with other groups to unite everyone for one goal and one path to free Iran and Free Iranian people under on law of respect to all groups which no matter who they are and what they think but thave one dream freedom from dark islamist regime.

we need that sheppard to lead us for right path and direct us to unity and put the clear blue print that what is head of us and what is our plans and not to be silent and contact the nation every week.

we are the most educated nation in the region and yet we can't find the right perosn to lead us and if there is one should call upon all iranian to join hand and hand to remove these cancers and there is not enough time to keep the people spirit alive.

long live Iran and Iranian people.