The opposition's weird position

by Fred

The position taken by some in the opposition to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, could be summarized thusly:

1-No sanctions

2-Unconditional negotiations about anything and everything

3-expand trade

4-Give IRR security guarantee

5-Give IRR a seat at the table

6-If others have nuke; IRR has the same right to have nuke

My question:

Why do they call themselves opposition, aren’t they asking for all the things Islamist Rapists are demanding to be handed to them?


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by Pahlevan on

Iran's condition are much more similar to South Africa than North Korea ... Iran is a very religiously, ethnically and ideologically diverse country. Iran has a vibrant, large community of expats outside of the country that are overwhelmingly opposed to the regime & so on. Therefore let's just agree to disagree on this.

With regards to Fred, I don't know what your personal vendetta is against him but even if you think his stance is "misguided" why are focusing on him rather than other users like Q, Kharmagas, Molla & ...  whose stances are rather despicable because they support the fascist Islamist regime.




I have never called anyone on this site these terms but Fred and I have good reasons for it.


I oppose sanctions that target ordinary people. Any other type of sanctions I am fine with (particularly asset freeing of regime figures). You argue that great democracy leaders call for sanctions. Well these leaders dont  live in Iran and dont know the nature of the regime. It has been 60 years since sanctions against North Korea started. What changed other than making them more powerful and their people more dependent on the regime? Iraq underwent a decade of harsh sanctions, which crippled its society, destroyed the middle-class, killed many people and the end result? War and destruction for Iraq. 



by Pahlevan on

I oppose "bombing" Iran and don't support war but neither does this blog ... so your name-calling of the writer is not much different from what a Basiji would do.

Icons such as Nelson Mandela supported sanctions against fascist
regimes and succeeded in taking them down. Great pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi supports sanctions, so does Barack Obama. I too support some types of sanctions ... sanctions that target the regime (especially IRGC), its leaders and its supporters. I oppose some other forms of sanctions but again minor disagreements and debate within the opposition is actually a good thing. 

If you oppose sanctions that's fine ... you can argue your stance respectfully. But if you go around calling people who support sanctions "neocon", "Zionist"or "AIPAC-funded" then you should be prepared to be called an IRI supporter or Hezbollahi leech. 


well said

by mahmoudg on

The Islamic Rapist Cultists occupying Iran can be removed one way and one way only.  sanctions, talks, give and take, etc. are all a means to that end.


basijis and hezbollahi

by vildemose on

basijis and hezbollahi leeches obviously have a stake in keeping IRR in power ... so they can't be called "opposition".

Excellent point.




If you really do help poor Iranians and are an "active" supporter of them then good for you. Let me ask you a question, do you support sanctions?

I have never called you a neocon, zionist, or aipac funded. these titles are reserved for people who truly deserve them and so far I dont see a reason to call you that.

Lastly, it might be appropriate for you to stop bad mouthing people you disagree with since I dont take the "regime supporter" charge lightly. it is deeply offensive. I advocate regime change. But I do it in a realistic manner that is not based on neoconservative world view.  and what I dont advocate is bombing the people you claim to support or isolating them economically with sanctions. their intended consequences go counter to what you claim to support.


Triple Haji

by Fred on

"As old mullahs die and as new mullahs get on internet or satellite-TV and see how the free-world lives they slowly change and when enough number of them are changed the freedom-side will win..."  

The rabid triple Haji’s prescription for his Iranian raping, maiming and murdering regime is to take the Darwinian route, ie. however long it takes, let evolution take its course.

After all Haji is safe and sound in the sane world. No matter how many thousands more Iranian men, women and children are raped, maimed and murdered, Haji is willing to sacrifice them.. Khodeti Haji!



by Pahlevan on

Firstly, I am much more in touch with reality than you or any other west-residing IRI supporter ... I just came back from Iran and I travel to Iran every year. I am active in helping needy and poor Iranians through an organization funded by expats so keep your lies (taghieh) to yourself.

Secondly, calling anyone who advocates regime change and overthrowing of this fascist regime "neocon", "Zionist"or "AIPAC-funded" is exactly what a basiji scum does. You are behaving like a regime supporter, therefor you are one ... unless you change your behavior of course.

Thirdly, my kind of mentality is practiced in the western counties (which I am assuming is where you reside currently) and this mentality has created such desirable conditions that even Islamists like yourselves have moved here so ... if you don't like my mentality I suggest you go back to wherever you came from!



by HHH on

Mr Fred Wolfovitz,

Your answer is : Because unlike Israelis like you the opposition is not "out to kill" but they're out to improve the living conditions for Iranians. Your goal is to destroy all enemies of Israel including Iranians at any cost and believe me your list is very long.

You can't kill everyone in Iran who likes this regime because that's considered a genocide. The only hope we have is to push for enlightment and change without anymore blood. As old mullahs die and as new mullahs get on internet or satellite-TV and see how the free-world lives they slowly change and when enough number of them are changed the freedom-side will win and they'll remove the remainder of regime's garbage.


"obvious" Pahlevan


You are not doing yourself or your so called "opposition" a favor by a) being clueless about the realities in Iran b) being very rude to peope you disagree with. In your world of all things obvious, I might look like a "hezbollahi" "basiji" leech but rest assured I am far from it. If the so called opposition you speak of practise such mentality then then you are setting yourself up for another dictatorship down the line. 



by Pahlevan on

Dear Fred!, What "opposition" are you talking about if you are talking about IRI supporters, pretending to be "oppostion", then yes ... but the real, thriving Iranian opposition groups might have minor disagreements among themselves but they all agree on the need to overthrow IRR ( great title for this regime .. by the way).

basijis and hezbollahi leeches obviously have a stake in keeping IRR in power ... so they can't be called "opposition".





عشوه های دوستان البته "صلح جو " من را یاد این بیت از دفتر اول مثنوی میاندازد.


خواجه چون بیلی بدست بنده داد

  بی زبان معلوم شد او را مراد


Mehraban jan:

by vildemose on

Mehraban jan: agreed.


But don't you know Fred is an "Israeli agent" working for




by Mehrban on

I can't say I can argue with your logic :-).


Fook the opposition to hell

by Parthianshot91 on

Bunch of confused idiots. Good that mousavi's relative was killed, he finally felt the pain of the thousands of Iranians who he himself tourtured and killed. The protests weren't about mousavi, if all the nationalistic people left his opposition then he would be left with nothing and none. He has blood on his hand and he deserves to suffer, rot and die like the rest of the islamist filth.

The best thing that happened to this opposition was when Iranian nationalists and anti islamist regime groups kidnapped the movement and used it for their own gain. May this old fart burn in hell for what he did, along with Ahmedinejad, Khamenei and Khomanie.


"They are not afraid of the ideology alone, but of the detemination and will of the men behind it"


"more liberal political establishment of Iran"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

If you had the slightest clue about Iran, you'd not come up with s**t like this.

FYI, Anybody within the islamist establishment with slightest "liberal inclinations" has had his had stuffed in "mostarah farangi", forced to eat his own words while there,  and repented his liberalism on the islamist TV by now! 

Now go back to granpa's reservation for a motorbike ride. It might clear your confused brain

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Sargord Pirouz

Using your logic, you're

by Sargord Pirouz on

Using your logic, you're expecting the more liberal political establishment of Iran to capitulate? Is that what you're expecting? 

That's nothing more than an Israeli pipe dream.

Folks at "Fred," you are again revealing your true colors.


neocons even weirder position: war & sanctions until victory!


can be summarized to some extent by  Ari's great drawing: //


My question to neocons is, arent they setting themselves up for failure like they do practically every other time?

And by neocon logic, if one is against sanctions and war one must be doing regimes bidding.

And neocons contradict themselves by first claiming that the regime does not want to negotiate but then claim that oh no, the regime actually demands negotiations!

And neocons insistence on cutting off economic trade with Iranians is baffling. the same kind of neocons are against boycotts and divestment campaign against Israel for the very reason that they are counter productive and will isolate ordinary people.

I admit one thing. neocons have it easier than other groups in the opposition. the very idea of negotiations with the regime is abhorrent on the surface. it can be sold very easily to the average citizen that those who negotiate are appeasers. to which i always say, tell the the average people that dealing with the regime like dealing with a hostage taker during a hostage situation.