This or that

by Fred

By now when it comes to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic the formula is clear and self-evident,

Do not legitimize the Islamist Rapists by negotiating with any of them

Do airtight the sanctions

Do help the fed up Iranian people materially and morally to overthrow the Islamist Rapists emancipating themselves and freeing the sane world from the menace of nuke acquiring terrorism espousing messianic Islamists.   


While struggling with recession at home keep pumping scare resources into the region, sacrifice many more soldiers and civilians in an endless battle which needs to be won by the locals.

The springhead is the Islamist Rapist Republic, when that is dried up by Iranians the rest becomes manageable.

Do a South Africa or what you’ve been doing with IRR for thirty one years and counting, your choice.  


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