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by Fred

Remember the $75 million U.S. government earmarked back in 2006 for Iranian democracy activists?

The seventy five million that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, some lobbies and all the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies harped on all the times, you remember now?

The $75 million which never got anywhere close to the opposition instead was used to expand VOA, Voice Of America’s Persian language T.V. and radio programs which are also opposed by the same groups.

The very seventy five million that supplied the Islamist Rapists’ foot soldiers with ammunition to tar-and-feather any and all IRR opposition which did not continuously condemn U.S. as having been paid from that fund, that $75 million. 

Now hear this, on Sunday the Islamist Rapists announced the allocation of $20 million to be spent by their cutthroat Intelligence Ministry on “progressive movements” to “resist” and shed light on human rights abuses by the United States and Britain.

With IRR's money dispensing Alavi foundation front having been seized by U.S. federal authorities, it would not be out of character for the same groups and lobbies which had such a fit over the U.S. $75 million to fail to have the same consistent reaction to the Islamist Rapists’ $20 million fund.

Would it be wrong to say whoever unequivocally and constantly does not condemn IRR is being paid from the newly allocated fund? Well, if fair is fair, would it be?





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Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Look I am Fed up With These Continuous Personal Slanders from ANONYMOUS People like this particular Hajminator orFaghan  

I Don't See Why I should be blocked when responding to Insults by these mediocre ANONYMOUS provocators who just spew Hatred towards me on a regular basis only because they don't like my opinion or my looks !

This guy has been writing under different identities including The Lost Iranian From Paris and I emailed you personally to say That I Won't Admit to be publically insulted like this By ANONYMOUS bloggers like This gentleman/Gentlwomen or Faghan  who went as far as even calling for my DEATH publically without ANY MODERATION From YOU the WEBMASTER !


I DON'T KNOW THIS Hajminator  He even emailed me by claiming to Know my Brother BUT Refuses to even divulge his own name !



If You wish me to Leave for Good LEt ME Know ? You don't Owe Me anything and Neither do I !






by Hajminator on

You start again to be impolite. Either you admit to be a "SouSoul Faranssavi" or your instinct predominates. Hof Hof.

..Toy Sex LOL, we don't have the same pleasures, D[ic]K.

Darius Kadivar

Hajminator سوسول فرانسوی ? ! ?

Darius Kadivar

I flagged your comment little Man !

Go Play with your own Sex Toy !



I also think this is a

by vildemose on

I also think this is a pertinent comment on Juan Cole's thread:

"At the moment, all that Russia and China can be cajoled into doing is signing on to a toothless, no-sanctions condemnation of Iran. If no crippling sanctions materialise in the next couple of years, then the US-Israeli push to cripple Iran will backfire, and their hawks will start to look quite powerless.

So the hawks best bet is to provoke the Iranian regime into assisting its own isolation in the next couple of years. If Iran can be provoked into suspending all cooperation with the IAEA, the BRIC will fall into line with the USA.


Nuclear Latency??!!

by vildemose on

Moosir vapiaz: Why do you think Israel and US are going to accept a nuclear armed Iran or a nuclear-capable ready Iran under the leadership of military Junta?? Do you really think Israel and US are going to learn to live with Nuclear armed or "Japn option" ready Islamic Republic under military Junta?

Juan cole:

My own position is that, in addition, Iran's leadership is seeking whatis sometimes called the "Japan option" or a "rapid breakout capability." Unlike North Korea, India and Pakistan, I think Tehran genuinely does not want to actually construct and detonate a nuclear device. India and Pakistan are such large and important countries that they defied the First World nuclear club successfully and so joined it. North Korea, much smaller, weaker and poorer, has made itself an international pariah in this way, and is suffering more and more severe UN sanctions. I think most senior Iranian leaders wish to avoid those heavy sanctions, having seen what they did to Iraq.

But having a rapid breakout capability-- being able to make a bomb in short order if it is felt absolutely necessary to forestall a foreign attack-- has a deterrent effect. So Iran would have the advantages of deterrence without the disadvantages of a bomb if it could get to the rapid breakout stage.

My theory has the advantage of explaining everything about Iran's behavior-- its condemnation of the Bomb as incompatible with

"The US and Western Europe and Israel interpret Iran's secrecy as a sign that nefarious secret weapons programs are being pursued. But this conclusion is riddled with difficulties. A weapons program uses enormous amounts of water and electricity and would be very difficult to conceal nowadays from US satellite and electronic surveillance. The US knew about Fordo as soon as work began on it.

A desire on the part of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Commanders to retain the soft deterrence of a rapid breakout capability probably explains Iran's waffling on the deal tentatively adopted at Geneva on October 1. That agreement would have had Iran send 2600 pounds of its 3200 pounds of low enriched uranium (enriched to less than 5 percent) to Russia for processing, so that it could be used in Iran's small medical research reactor, and used to produce medical isotopes. In this way, the LEU, the seed stock for any potential bomb, would get used up.

It would have taken Iran a couple of years to replace that LEU, reassuring Western hawks in the meantime that Iran's weapons-making capability had been temporarily blunted. But when Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's representative brought this deal back to Tehran, I believe that the IRGC commanders vetoed it because they want to retain a rapid break out potential and did not want the LEU seed stock to be lost.

That the hawks were able to veto the representative of Supreme Leader Khamenei lends credence to Gary Sick's argument that the Revolutionary Guards have carried out a soft coup behind the scenes and Iran looks more and more like a military junta.

I personally suspect that most Western officials involved in this matter know perfectly well that Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and does not want an actual bomb. I think the Western leaders do not want Iran to have nuclear latency, either, because it would change the balance of power in the Middle East and would take forcible regime change off the table as an option for the West."


Darius Kadivar

MOOSIRvaPIAZ khan that is not what Fred is Saying here

by Darius Kadivar on

He is speaking about the IRI media receiving money to spread its propaganda in an aim to rally public opinion while the Diaspora Media and opposition are being deprived from it.

I don't think that the majority of the LA TV's are representative of anything other than a bunch of Bazaris trying to make ends meet through mediocre programs. They do not represent any official stance of the Opposition abroad.

As for the MKO ( which I have no sympathy) they have their own outlets and financers. But the Secular Opposition be them the Secular Republicans like the National Front ( in exile) rhe Constitutionalists ( be them Monarchist of Republican) represent a constituency whether one may or not share their political program ...

The goal of that financial help was precisely to counter the Propaganda beamed by the IRI through its own satellite and national networks.

I personally don't think that propaganda as one understands it is what is needed to oppose the Islamic Regime in Iran. The best way to counter the type of Propaganda spread by the Regime is to inform Iranians inside Iran with the reality and offer an objective outlook on the situation in Iran. That is what I personally observe when I watch VOA Persian ( however imperfect but they at least have opened channels of communication with Iranians from all political affiliations including reformists in Iran) or listen to Radio Farda.

So to begin with I never understood the attitude of organizations like NIAC regarding this financement which was transparent. It was not about buying Arms or training people to fight militarily against the regime in Tehran ...

As for Propaganda it can always boost minds and opinions against the regime in power if the country is let's say in a revolutionary situation as last June where everything becomes deeply emotional and objectivity is often blurred by the moment. But again I don't believe in Propaganda as useful in countering the IRI's propaganda. On the contrary what needs to be done is purely to deliver a free and objective outlook of the daily news and stick to journalistic ethics.

But that does not mean that one should be neutral. We are faced with a Regime that is NOT Democratic and as such even the journalists particularly if it is an Iranian Media need to have a Stance regarding the Regime by challenging them on their lack of objectivity and lack of respect for democratic values.

During WWII the French Resistance had its radios in London and beamed in Pro Democratic programs and countered the Nazi -Petainist Propaganda (which aimed lying to the French people and brainwash them or divert their attention ) by denouncing them in Live or Recorded Programs on air that were watched from inside the country.

Same thing for the Polish Solidarnosc Resitance which was aided by the Western Press and the Polish Diaspora by being encouraged to resist. I remember how even in France Journalists were wearing the Solidarnosc pin in support to Democrats in Poland.

That is why I prefer VOA Persian to lets say the BBC persian where they hypocritically pretend to be neutral only to give voice to essentially left wing or liberal intellectuals still very sympathetic to the Islamic Regime. When the BBC was beaming anti Shah propaganda into Iran during the Revolution, no one seemed to be complaining so why is it that now some argue that it should not be done towards a far more bloodier and cruel regime in Iran today.

No one is asking these medias to support a given political group but to simply create an avenue of debate and exchange opinions however different so that those in Iran can make their own choice.

Most Reformists today were the most outspoken critics of VOA Persian and Radio Farda up to the Elections. Once they woke up to see the upheaval and the violence the regime demonstrated they all rushed to report to these so called "SATANIC" Medias in order to be heard.

We have to stop this hypocrisy and look at what we are faced with a Machiavelic Regime that won't hesitate to use ANY means to survive including shutting down all opposition and silence critics.

As for Sanctions you must realize that we are at a very dangerous juncture. Only an Upheaval can change the situation and pull out the nation out of this mess. Smart Sanctions is the minimum requirement to resist the regime and put pressure on their decisions.

So what is the other solution ? Wait, Wait and WAIT ? Until the inevitable happens ?

Israel WILL Attack if They See that No Further Upheaval will take place before the Regime has the Bomb !

Which do you prefer Sanctions or disastrous Bombs over Iran ?

You cannot Have Both Ends !

The Iranian Opposition leaders inside Iran have to get organized and take far more symbolic measures in order to draw public support. Montazery and Karroubi have been strangely and ironically the most outspoken. As for Moussavi he lacks both Charisma and the Credentials to lead this movement. So the ultimate Key is Cooperation between the Opposition inside Iran and the democratic opposition outside Iran. By the latter I exclude the MKO but I do include the Monarchists and the Republicans as well as any other group be them leftwing or right wing as long as they abide to the universal values such as Human Rights and Democracy.

It is interesting that Makhmalbaf is basically repeating what Reza Pahlavi has been saying all the time:

REZA's CALL: An Iranian Solidarnosc... by DK

You cannot achieve ANY Change without a Large Coalition of All Democratic forces and setting aside our idealogical differences.

Otherwise It's Not another Iraq wich we will inherit BUT an Ex-Yougoslavia on the Brink of explosion !

This Stubborness of seeing the Iranian opposition in Exile as enemies to Iran wishing to Bomb their Own Country is not only a FALLACY but a BIG Lie spread by the IRI itself in order to discourage any upheaval.

Haven't 30 years been Enough for You people to Realize what is at Stake Here ? 

My Humble Opinion,






Darius Khaan


West (or atleast the hawks) are not interested in smarter sanctions. They simply dont work. They are interested in "airtight"/crippling sanctions of the kind Fred proposes. The cutting off of gasoline and the like. These WILL effect average Iranians.

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Mohsen Makhmalbaf: "Iran should face smarter sanctions"

by Darius Kadivar on

"If foreign governments deal only with the atomic bomb and forget about democracy and human rights in Iran, they will help dictatorship," Mohsen Makhmalbaf told the Guardian." -Mohsen Makhmalbaf 25 November 2009

Iran should face smarter sanctions, says Mohsen Makhmalbaf (guardian)

Ali P.

ID jaan

by Ali P. on

You quote Fred as "calling Ebadi, Ganji and Iranian human rights activists 'IRR lobbies
and all the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies"....

I did see any names mentioned in Fred's blog. What made you infer he is talking about these individuals?


Ali P.

Darius Kadivar

Well I think Both Ebadi and Ganji were wrong !

by Darius Kadivar on

Well I think Both Ebadi and Ganji were wrong ! That does not make them IRI Agents for that matter ...

The current events prove that both were wrong in their assessments by underestimating the Iranian regime's machiavelism and thinking that their enemies were VOA Persian, Radio Farda.

Respected organizations such as :

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center


The Boroumand Foundation

Were amongst those who were to benefit from this grant but now have to seek help elsewhere ...

To think that one can counter the VAST IRI propaganda machine such as Sahar TV or Press TV by airing Cheap LA Programs is simply Naive !

Were it not for such pro democracy dedicated medias like VOA Persian or Radio Farda people like Ebadi or Ganji would have not made it to America.

Now that Ebadi is in trouble and being intimidated by the Regime's thugs, the Eminent Lady is rushing to Radio Farda or VOA to express her outrage !

These Two Eminent Iranians Simply GOT Their Priorities WRONG !

That does not make them IRI Agents for that matter ...

I cannot speak for Fred but I don't think he ever called these two personalities as such !

But it seems clear that they are under the influence of their own revolutionary backgrounds or sympathies and in the same way that you can see hard line monarchists surrounding Reza Pahlavi, their are hardline Revolutionaries who refuse to accept that their Revolution went terribly wrong and they want to highjack the good will of people like Ebadi or Ganji. RP at least distanced himself from many hardliners in his camp. I Yet have to see the same from both Ganji and Ebadi who seem to have found in the likes of narrowminded and stubborn Islamic THINKERS /ANN TELLECTUALS  such as Hamid Dabashi ( Whome I don't claim nor accuse of being an Agent of the IRI but simply a Revolutionary demagogue ) a spokesman or mediator for their cause ...

Seminar on Iran's 2009 Election Precursors, Observations, and Consequences

I think that this level of stubborness on their behalf is more hurtful to both Human Rights and any attempt towards national Reconciliation and a united effort towards a common goal: A Secular Democratic Regime Change in Iran through Civil dissobediance.

Winning the Nobel Peace Prize or going on a Hunger Strike may indeed pave one's way towards Sainthood ... but that does not guarantee that person's political wisdom !

The Day I see someone like Ganji or Shirin Ebadi sit at the same table as Reza Pahlavi and accept some kind of dialogue be it informal, I would say that the our generation and the Iranian Diaspora have took a step towards some form of mutual respect if not total allegience to one another. I prefer seeing such a constructive behavior on both sides rather than see Iranians fight one another regarding which Flag should symbolize the movement.

Don't you find it absurd for instance that Ganji poses with Googoosh But not with Reza Pahlavi ? Googoosh IS the Product of the Pahlavi Era Par Excellence !

This is the double Standards displayed on both sides that ends up by frustrating people and which ultimately hurt the Green Movement more than anything else.

Gani and Ebadi as well as all those who claim to speak in the name of the Green Movement may well ponder on this question.

One of them at least Mohsen Makhmalbaf has understood this early on. Ganji and Ebadi with all their Academic Credentials and Diplomas seem to have displayed less Common Sense than the remarkeabke Autodidact filmmaker Makhmalbaf:

Makhmalbaf Calling on Iranians in Paris not to hesitate to contact Iranian Diaspora Medias particularly VOA persian and Radio Farda spoke  :


And Members of the European Parliament


In Short :


So as far as I see it personally Akbar Ganji and Shirine Ebadi however Respectable in their own right WERE WRONG !

It's Never late nor is it a Crime to change one's behavior ! ...

My Humble Opinion,




blaming Iran's human rights groups

by IRANdokht on

and calling Ebadi, Ganji and Iranian human rights activists "IRR lobbies and all the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies" is just idiotic.

Granted you obviously have to lean on the left to be any kind of HR activist and concerned with human lives in general but when people like Fred take an action that was supported by these fine people, call them "IRR/islamist", the left and anti-semite to lash out at them all together, it's nothing short of a joke.


Darius Kadivar

Fred Jaan Well You know whose responsible for this situation ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Some of These ANN TELECTUALS ... ( Ebadi Set Aside)

Seminar on Iran's 2009 Election Precursors, Observations, and Consequences