Paid agents


by Fred

Remember the $75 million U.S. government earmarked back in 2006 for Iranian democracy activists?

The seventy five million that IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, some lobbies and all the Islamist/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies harped on all the times, you remember now?

The $75 million which never got anywhere close to the opposition instead was used to expand VOA, Voice Of America’s Persian language T.V. and radio programs which are also opposed by the same groups.

The very seventy five million that supplied the Islamist Rapists’ foot soldiers with ammunition to tar-and-feather any and all IRR opposition which did not continuously condemn U.S. as having been paid from that fund, that $75 million. 

Now hear this, on Sunday the Islamist Rapists announced the allocation of $20 million to be spent by their cutthroat Intelligence Ministry on “progressive movements” to “resist” and shed light on human rights abuses by the United States and Britain.

With IRR's money dispensing Alavi foundation front having been seized by U.S. federal authorities, it would not be out of character for the same groups and lobbies which had such a fit over the U.S. $75 million to fail to have the same consistent reaction to the Islamist Rapists’ $20 million fund.

Would it be wrong to say whoever unequivocally and constantly does not condemn IRR is being paid from the newly allocated fund? Well, if fair is fair, would it be?





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Bijan A M

Darius khan

by Bijan A M on

I read your response to benross and got mesmerized by your rationalism. Thanks. I just have one reservation and that regards RP. As much as I respect him for what he says and what he stands for, I’m not sure if he can be the unifying leader to see the overthrow of IRR by Iranian people. In my opinion, his image amongst ordinary people in hidden corners of our land is tarnished by simple association.  I think that a constitutional monarchy will not eventually end up being our nation’s destiny. I think it will be unlikely that RP will be it. If not him, then the movement will have to end up with a new leader for its secular constitution. Someone like Ataturk, or Reza khan (without the throne) or Obama. A charismatic leader who can unite the masses behind his calls.

Keep it up my friend. I think you are one of the loudest voices for Iranian democracy.  


High Dementia Rate

by Hajminator on

Haha that was a good one. That shows your total ignorance of French scientifique degrees. But, one should't expect less from you, Kadivar.

You always admire what you really don't understand. As said Pascal, n'est-ce pas?


Kadivar, help me understand something

by Q on

You don't seem to have a problem with anonymous abusers of real individuals at all as long as the victims of such abuse are also hated by you. Your friend "Fred" here has made a career out of attacking NIAC and Mammad numerous times, has mocked my name, age and career, yet I've never seen you utter one word in protest on the grounds of Fred being "anonymous"! Posturing aside, that stuff didn't really bother you did it?

You also have no qualms about calling other people names (such as "ass" and "fuck you") for which you have apparently been kicked off the site once already.

Is this pure hypocrisy? Or is it just an overgrown sense of self-entitlement?

Which is it? You have 30 seconds.

Darius Kadivar

Of Course You Are ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

We All Know That Already !

High Dementia Rate ...




by Hajminator on

little Darius, that's what you can expect in 10 consecutive lives. Otherwise you're getting too repetitive with your old clips going back to the 60's.

Darius Kadivar

Hajminator Congrats You Graduated in the Cyber Villiage !

by Darius Kadivar on

Congrats ! 





Für Kadivar

by Hajminator on

Darius Kadivar

Fred Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Welcome !

You'll see the IRI and Khomeinism will end up in the dustbins of history Just like these blokes :

Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch





Darius Kadivar

For the SILLY Individual under the FAKE Cyrus Cylinder ...

by Darius Kadivar on

And his or Her Silly and useless ANONYMOUS Cyber Existance ...




by Hajminator on

You're going simply paranoic as you say. You first sent me an email and got your response, why are you so upset? I'm not the guy(S) who hated you before on this site or elsewhere - It seems that they were a lot though ;o))))

And believe me you have nothing that I can be jealous of. You put a lot of credit on yourself.

Grow up!



by Fred on

What a lucid, informative comment to benross, kudos twice over. 

Darius Kadivar

benross Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Your are correct but I don't see how the Police can find this individual only through his email address. But Well maybe I will consider it.

I don't know who this Hajminator  is ... He may be a former jealous colleague but I really can't say or an old classmate who hated my guts  ...

That is why I find his emails troubling because it can easily drive a person paranoiac for nothing ...

Another guy and I think its the same person or they must have corresponded said a similar thing claiming he knew me from the 1980's ...

That was really Eerie !!

It  reminded me of one of these crazy movies Like Fatal Attraction with Michael Douglas and  being haunted by a crazy women Glen Close LOL


But at Least Glen Close had a Beautiful Ass worth dying for ;0)

But with these ANONYMOUS Thugs inflicted with an inferiority complex you hardly know if they are male, female or Martians ?  LOL

Mars Attacks! 1996 Theatrical Trailer


Heaven Knows who you come across in this crazy cyber world.

Now more seriously

Regarding what you said. I agree. My problem with all this financing is that there is no real opposition to use it properly. Money is not everything.

What is so difficult for the monarchists or another opposition group to set up a proper website to mark its presence on the cyberspace ?

There is not even one proper opposition website today. I checked and they never update anything and the number of articles in english, French or German are things you can find on any other website. Its just has some interesting opinion pieces from time to time but that's all.

On the otherhand nearly ALL Iranian websites that have grown in the past 10 years have shared at least in the begining the same political stance: Downplay the Iranian opposition and the Monarchists in particular.

I don't blame them, The Monarchists are an Easy Target and they are responsible for their own lack of initiative in offering an appealing Public Image. I mean other than RP who speaks or writes on behalf of the monarchists ? There is Dariush Homayoun or Dr. Fatemi but who else ? And these guys are Old !

I don't understand why the Democratic opposition in exile be them the Secular Republicans, or constitutional Monarchists never been able to come up with an organization like NIAC be it in terms of public relations etc ...

I don't share NIAC policies but at least they put up an organization with a young, dedicated and enthusiastic staff.

And to be quite honest I don't think Trita Parsi is an Agent of the Islamic Republic. I do believe however that he has lobbied the reformists and in the process got in touch with the IRI establishment just like Houshang Amirahmadi of AIC on behalf of Iranian Americans without ever thinking of the consenquences. In addition I find it was dishonest to do this when it claims not to be a lobby but just a non political and community oriented organization. NIAC's actions and the Timing of many of its actions in the past years suggest that what they did was Lobbying for the IRI and Not Just 23 % of their time as they claimed.

Had the post elections not shown the True nature of the Regime in Iran, I guess Trita Parsi would not have been criticized so harshly but the events proved that what they did was counterproductive and prejudicial to Iranians because they lobbied for the IRI in "Poshteh Pardeh" activities. I guess people don't like to be cheated and taken for imbeciles which explains the hostility they have been facing recently. All the more that these accusations do not date from recently. Its years that people have been questioning them but they have ALWAYS Refused to speak or participate in debates on VOA for instance but are always present on other medias where they can be viewed favoribly.

I mean they criticize FOX news but go on the BBC ? Since when were these two medias Objective in regard to Iran ? ...

Anyway I have no answer to all this debate, I just know that without a sincere effort from all groups be them Secular Jomhurykhahs or Constitutional Monarchists or any other group to work hand in hand and demonstrate hand in hand we cannot get anything close to unity towards that common goal you mentioned here and that is a Free and Democratic Iran.

I have nothing personal against NIAC or Trita Parsi. If they were more transparent and if their past actions did not make them so suspicious I wouldn't have so many questions regarding their motives. Other than that I don't see any problem of even welcoming NIAC people to join the democratic opposition.

But are they willing to do that ? I am not sure and that is what makes them suspicious regardless of what the final conclusion to this lawsuit will be ...

From what I see from their members and staff of advisors like the Sadri brothers for instance is that they believe that the Revolution in Iran is just like the French Revolution and that there is no going back ! That is why they favor reform to regime change. I believe that the French Revolution Anology is Ridiculous and inadequate given the disastrous ideological outcome of this revolution that was Religious from the Start and Was NOT Highjacked contrary to what Hamid Dabashi and his likes claim. What happened in Iran ressembles much more what happened in Great Britian with Cromwell who established a Religious Theocracy by abolishing and beheading the King. We saw the result a few decades later with the Restoration of the Monarchy however in a Democratic form with a Parlimentary Democracy. That is bound to happen in Iran too. I personally am convinced it is the best solution for Iran if we don't want to end up like Yougoslavia ...

But NIAC's error is to assimilate Regime Change to Military intervention and Reza Pahlavi to some kind of Chalabi intended opposition which is plain Grotesque.

This is the Rubbish that the likes of Hamid Dabashi or Soraya Ulrich Sepanpour have been writing on such sites like payvand and even here over the past years to shape public opinion in the Diaspora to be hostile towards Reza Pahlavi and the opposition in exile in general.

Reza Pahlavi is not some unknown power hungry opponent born out of the blue like Chalabi who no one knew until Clinton and George Bush used him as a pawn.

People in Iran all know who Reza is and who his father was. He is Heir to the Throne which is not like if he was some unknown political figurehead like Chalabi.

I read the passages in Trita's book regarding the Opposition and its ALL Biaised. He offers NO CONVINCING EVIDENCE as to RP being pro War. Actually he doesn't directly accuse him of anything but "subtly" suggests "overheard conversations" shared by congressmen ( he refuses to name) that make you wonder what were RP's intentions if he ever said them. What are we to conclude then ? That RP is ready to see his people be bombed like in Iraq in order to gain his crown ? This is Ridiculous !

If this is accuracy ? ... Then I am Albert Einstein !

Unlike what I read in the rest of his book, EVERYTHING he says on the Iranian opposition in exile has been innaccurate and without the slightest tangible evidence.  

Its like in here :

HAMMER FORUM: Robert Baer and Trita Parsi

where Trita says he talked to a lady working for the government who claims that if the Iranian Opposition took power her life would be at stake. If that were true What about Sazegara who went to see Reza Pahlavi and is a regular guest on VOA Persian ? Was he assassinated by Vengeance because of his past ? 

This is the problem with Trita Parsi is his systematic attempt to present things as if they were Black or White and No Shades of Grey in between ...

I think Trita was simply a victim of his own partisan attitude by using NIAC as a coverup for his own lobbying and from that point of view he seemed not to have been entirely honest and transparent.

Maybe he had good intentions but his general approach was wrong from the Start  for it overlooked the Real Enemy and that is the people who are in power today !

But again Only the Lawsuit can prove if these suspicions are founded or not. And as Such he has every right to defend his honor.

But regardless of the outcome, he still had to admit he was lobbying even at 23 % . As such as an Iranian American driven out of Iran because of this very regime, I do not want to be represented by his organization. Others are free to think otherwise. But I advise them to take a Look at their History and learn Where and Why they ended up in America or elsewhere !

And I think that most Iranian Americans including those who were born in the US in the past 30 years are not entirely un aware of their own past and parents history.

One can be Naive when Young But That is not an excuse to also be Stupid ! ;0)

Monty Python The Villiage Idiot:


That's my Humble Opinion on this controversy,



well said Hajminator, thanks

by Bavafa on



مهرداد جان



نیش عقرب نه از ره کین است    اقتضای طبیعتش اینست


I am pressing the "ignore" button.

by Bavafa on

Down with Zionism.



DK jan. Beside 'flag'

by benross on

DK jan. Beside 'flag' button, there is also an 'ignore' button you could use at times. But I agree with Vildemose. If you received emails with personal attack, you should call the police.

Now about the U.S funding, I was a supporter of cutting funds and I expressed it here a couple of times. But I don't live in U.S and I didn't know exactly which activities were affected by these funding cuts. What I was thinking of, was millions and millions of dollar spent during Bush administration under guise of 'Persian Studies' or 'Persian Education' that didn't produce a single Persian study graduate, the professors were spending their time in local Iranian TV interviews rather than in the classroom, no effort has been made to address the huge problems of computing in Persian language (the challenge of the time) and instead there was some token activities for the show, and the rest of the time was spent in the yacht or evening 'high society' gatherings. My impression was that this is how the money was spent.

For the issues that you raised, and were affected by funding cut, I naturally hope the funding would be restored. And if NIAC was opposing funding on that ground, I certainly hope they come to their sense as they did with joining the campaign for Neda as Time's person of the year.

I still believe we should not unite, by fear of a war or a crippling sanction, but by our own desire to establish a secular democracy in Iran. The side analysis may cloud the purpose. 


Oh… didn't know Fred responses to questions disguised as DK

by Bavafa on

I have long stopped engaging in any conversation with DK, since there is no telling when he would throw a tantrum and get all pissy, losing all logic and resort to name calling.


P.S. I would not be surprised if Israel attacked Iran.. They have proven over and over their fascist/warmongering nature as the Nazis did before them.


Darius Kadivar

"Anti-Semite": haa? ANSWER

by Darius Kadivar on

You wanna Know who Fred is refering too ?

Take a Look:

HOLOCAUST A MYTH: Michelle Renouf on Iranian SAHAR TV

But I suppose this is not enough evidence is it ?

I'd Like to know where YOUR JOONJOONY President Non Elect Moussavi was to criticize this when he could have ? Or Khatami for that matter or even NIAC ?

Others FORTUNATELY Defended OUR HONOR as IRanians in the Face of the World when we were being associated to the likes of Ahmadinejad !

Iranian Diaspora Intelligentsia Unite Against Islamic Republic's Holocaust Revisionism by Darius KADIVAR

And then You are surprised that Israel wants to Attack Iran ?



But Who Cares ? Palestine is More Important !

N'est Pas Monsieur DABASHI et Monsieur GALLOWAY :


More Galloway the Leftist Champion of the PLO Cause on Iran's Press TV:


And Defending Ahmadinejad's Re Election as Democratic: on his Own Program on Press TV after the election Violence:




"Anti-Semite": haa?

by Bavafa on

I wonder if Fred can be more specific about who are these "Anti-Semites" that he sums all in the same group as "their likeminded lefty allies" and what sort of credible proof he has for accusing them of "Anti-Semite"

Or I wonder if he would he be willing to apologies for his slanders that he has been making on a daily basis here.

BTW, Fred if you were curious or wondering I am very much anti-Zionist… very much.

Jews on the other hand, I wouldn't give rats a$$ about as I don't for Moslems or Christens or Buddhist or any other mambo jumbo religion.

The point I am trying to make …stop making it about religion. But I gather the Zionist have been playing this card for a long time very effectively.


Darius Kadivar

Faramarz_Fateh Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank You and that is what I usually do but when they start emailing you and divulging private info online It becomes Prejudicial and Over the Top don't you think ?

On the otherhand This attitude goes further than merely trying to contradict me on my opinion. Another fellow FAghan clearly said "I wish your Death" And JJ didn't Even Bother to interfere.

But when he reads me Responding to these Bastards I get my Account Blocked ?


GOD Knows How much patience I have had over the years and how I tried to shrug off such attacks with humor and originality but their is a limit.

I am Not a Clown and I am not an imbecile !

When I answered This fellow Last TIme JJ argument was that he likes to see people being Creative in their responses and not lower themselves to insults etc ...

Some Hypocrisy !

What is Creative about Q to blog on me and claim that I accused Trita Parsi of being a Traitor ? Even drawing an anology between me and Fred.




I can share some of Freds thoughts and I am not alone but to use that as an argument to confuse us in the Public Eye is Simply OUTRAGEOUS AND UNETHICAL !


I even Wonder if JJ ever Respected Any Journalistic Ethics !

Maybe He wishes to see me end up like SALMAN RUSHDIE too ?






Thank you Ali P.

by Faramarz_Fateh on

You are one of my favorite posters on this site.  #1, you have your picture as the avatar, so you are not anonymous, #2 you have always been civil in your discourse and #3 you mostly make reasonable, logical and thoughtful comments.

I applaud and commend you for whatever its worth.




by Hajminator on

You see on others the image of what you are. About se faire foutre, you don't even write it correctly (!)  but  l'honneur reviens aux dames, vas-y toi d'abord je te suiverai par derrière.


YOU claimed to know my

by vildemose on

YOU claimed to know my Brother Cyrus and Even knew where I lived and put this PRIVATE Information online !

WHO Gave YOU this information regarding my whereabouts ? I have Nothing to Hide But I don't Like this to be used as means of intimidation like You have displayed so disgustingly !

Has he threaten you in his email? Why would he bring up your whereabouts and your brother?? I think you should contact the police or whomever authorities in France.



by Hajminator on

I was about to flag you, but didn't as you are not even worth it.

Darius Kadivar

Hajminator Va Te Faire Foutre

by Darius Kadivar on

Thank you for proving that YOU ARE What YOU Accused me of Being : A COWARD !

Imbecile !


Bijan, I'm not twisting anything

by Q on

I gather you were talking about my post, but I wish you would take your own advice and read the thing you are criticizing.

It's really laughable to compare $20M by IRI to the hundreds of Millions (maybe Billions) of expenditure by the richest country on Earth with a history of spending money to support coups.

Can you honestly not see this simple truth?

It's really stupid of the IRI to try to "advertise" or "convince" anybody of its legitimacy in the America. That would take more like $2 Trillion for sightest impact.



by Hajminator on

We are all humans!  On IC, you have chosen to register by your real name and I didn't as 95% of other users on this site. That doesn't give you any right to speak at ANONYMOUSLY registered people as you do. You even make fun of other users who have registered by their full name.

Before your "F@ck you a@@hole" show me one case where I begun to insult you. And I'll apologize if it was the case. My replies, that you take as insults, were all addressed to your basic crude terms. Be insure that I nor anyone else will look you in your eyes when you begin to insult us. That's a basic right and have nothing to do to be ANONYMOUS or not.

It's funny when you begin your comment by saying that you don't like me because of my public comments and insults towards you and then finish your comment by FUCK YOU WHOEVER YOU ARE !. You must like yourself a lot!

Bijan A M

A few observations and comments

by Bijan A M on

First and foremost, thank you, thank you and again thank you DK for your superbly rational comments. I’m so glad you came back. And thank you Fred for your persistence and untiring effort to educate and keep the level of awareness high amongst those who believe in secular democracy and also believe in the fact that IRR cannot be reformed with green movements of Mousavi and the likes.

Here are the observations:

-There are some who twist and turn and fabricate an angle to what Fred says, so that they confront him. Why can’t they read and comprehend what someone writes without twisting the content and putting their biased spin on it just because it is Fred?

-For a long time we have seen many who when the subject of human right in IRR is brought up, before anything else they first condemn US and the west for their violations of Human rights being worst than IRR, etc… before commenting on IRR. This has been long before this news about $20MM funding.

-What is somewhat noticeable is the rise of openly pro IRR voices in the cyber space in the name of “Melli-garaaee”. I wonder if these are the ones being paid by this $20MM funding.

And one more question to DK and the rest of secular democrats. Can you name, or do you see the prospects of anyone to become the lead figure in the movement that does not have the baggage that RP has?   




by Hajminator on

Calm down!

I'm not "Another Lost in Paris" and have never attacked you before. I hate nobody, you included, nor for their look or their opinions.

It's you who don't like me nor anybody else who disagrees with what you say. The first time you attacked me was when I asked you, gently, to  stop attacking another user in the basis of his name. Your reply to that request was "Fu@k you, a@@ hole" and then sent me an email. Don't try to change roles.

In one hand, you say that you don't tolerate personal attacks and in the other you go as far as you can on this game. So be a bit mature or back your claims and behavior.


More lies and distortions from our resident ISR propagandist

by Q on


When you're not too busy representing the views of what you called the "pro Iranian" AIPAC and other organs of the ISR, the Israeli State of Racism, you are here distorting and drawing comical "parallels" only fools could accept.

Your first distortion is the $75 Million, only the public portion of the covert war against Iran announced in 2006. You of course purposefully forget about all the other funding before and after by both US and Israel.

For example the amounts that every two-bit senator and Congressmen shoved in the budget for their own personal foreign policy BS. Here's an example from 2004


One of the influential figures who helped launch the democracy program was Elizabeth Cheney, the daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, who as Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, headed the Iran-Syria Policy and Operations Group and, with the financial help of a prominent Republican foundation, the International Republican Institute, financed efforts of dozens of Iranian and Syrian exiles to promote a campaign to overthrow their government leaders. Elizabeth Cheney left the State Department last year to work on Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign.
An aggressive effort by the State Department to fund regime change in Iran is ongoing, but the State Department has refused to provide lawmakers with specific details of the program other than to say that the core mission of the initiative is to assist “those inside Iran who desire basic civil liberties such as freedom of expression, greater rights for women, more open political process, and broader freedom of the press.”
Congress has appropriated more than $120 million to fund the project. The State Department has spent most of the money on the U.S.-backed Radio Farda, Voice of America (VOA), Radio Free Europe, and to broadcast Persian programs into Iran via VOA satellite television.
Some funds, according to State Department sources familiar with how the program is run, have also been secretly funneled to exile Iranian organizations, and politically connected individuals in order to help the U.S. establish contacts with Iranian opposition groups.
In June of 2007, the State Department said it would spend $16 million on democracy promotion projects that extends beyond broadcasting. However, to date the State Department has not released details on how it intends to obligate or expend those funds.
A State Department spokesman declined to comment for this story.
Carah Ong, an Iran Policy Analyst at the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, said in an interview that because the State Department operates the program under a veil of secrecy “we don’t know where the money is going.”

What about the $400 Million for covert operations in 2007-2008? That also benefited "opposition groups":

Congressional leaders agreed to a request from President Bush last year to fund a major escalation of covert operations against Iran aimed at destabilizing Iran’s leadership, according to a new article by veteran investigative journalist Seymour Hersh in the New Yorker magazine. The operations were set out in a highly classified Presidential Finding signed by Bush which, by law, must be made known to Democratic and Republican leaders. The plan allowed up to $400 million in covert spending for activities ranging from supporting dissident groups to spying on Iran’s nuclear program. Hersh joins us from Washington DC.

And how much funding does AIPAC have on anti-Iran? God only knows because it's a secret.

I agree with you on one thing. It did all "go nowhere" but not for the reasons you would like us to believe.

I mean, they went somewhere of course, it's just that the people killed and the lives devestated are not important to you. They went to terrorism, they went to ethnic seperatists, and in the US they went to lame websites and "news" organizations as well as corrupt opposition figures.

On Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh joined Scott Ritter in a conversation about the topic of Ritter’s book, Target Iran: The Truth About the White House’s Plans for Regime Change, which claimed the U.S. was conducting operations in Iran using the MEK. Ritter said the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad was building a station in Azerbaijan to work with Iran’s Azeri population and was also working closely with the MEK.
On February 27, 2007, the London Telegraph reported, “America is secretly funding militant ethnic separatist groups in Iran in an attempt to pile pressure on the Islamic regime to give up its nuclear program.
“In a move that reflects Washington’s growing concern with the failure of diplomatic initiatives, CIA officials are understood to be helping opposition militias among the numerous ethnic minority groups clustered in Iran’s border regions.

“The operations are controversial because they involve dealing with movements that resort to terrorist methods in pursuit of their grievances against the Iranian regime.
“In the past year there has been a wave of unrest in ethnic minority border areas of Iran, with bombing and assassination campaigns against soldiers and government officials.
“Such incidents have been carried out by the Kurds in the west, the Azeris in the north-west, the Ahwazi Arabs in the south-west, and the Balochis in the south-east.” A former high-ranking CIA official told the Telegraph that the CIA’s funding for opposition and separatist groups was “no great secret”.

Fred Burton, a former US State Department counter-terrorism agent and author of Ghost: Confessions of a Counterterrorism Agent (published in 2008), also told the Telegraph that “The latest attacks inside Iran fall in line with US efforts to supply and train Iran’s ethnic minorities to destabilize the Iranian regime.”
And John Pike of the Global Security think tank in Washington said, “The activities of the ethnic groups have hotted up [sic] over the last two years and it would be a scandal if that was not at least in part the result of CIA activity.” Pike also said that “A faction in the Defense Department wants to unleash” the MEK. “They could never overthrow the current Iranian regime but they might cause a lot of damage.”