Parting of the way with NIAC lobby


by Fred

With IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic responding to peacefully demonstrating Iranians asking for their inalienable rights as human beings with typical Islamist savagery including random cold blooded murders, tortures, mass arrests and  raping of men, women and children, something has to be done.

With IRR after decades agreeing and then reneging on ending some of its more barbaric practices, including murdering underage convicted children, murdering Iranians by stoning, and many others that it Islamistly agrees to and then reneges on, something has to be done.

With IRR thumbing its nose at enforceable resolutions of UNSC, disregarding resolutions of IAEA, both of which it is a member of and continuing with its illegal dual purpose full cycle nuke program, something has to be done.

With IRR all but daring the sane world to do a thing about it flaunting its status as a rogue regime, something has to be done.

That something can only be in the form of accepting the dictates of the Islamist Rapists or confronting them.

 As time passes more and more see this untenable situation coming to a head realizing to avert disaster in the form of Islamist Rapists imposing a cataclysmic war on Iran and the region something has to be done.

That something is to make it harder and harder for the Islamist Rapists to have the means to pay for its very costly internal suppression operations, their vast illicit programs, destructive regional interventions and maintaining status quo. The result being empowerment of enslaved Iranian to take matters into their own hands.

The latest organization saying enough is enough is none other than the one NIAC lobby has been footsying with. 



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Irandokh jan, Aren't you expecting way too much from Fred?

by Bavafa on

You are asking for common decency from a guy that hardly can recognize it if it hit him on the head

As the people on the streets of Iranians cities are shedding blood to gain their freedom, he is advocating foreign involvement. Essentially, saying to those people that they are not worthy of gaining their own freedom on their own. They need AIPAC and neo-cons help to give them their freedom. Well, when your freedom is given to you, it can be taken away just as easy. This is the part that he does not seem to comprehend, or maybe he understands it perfectly well and it would not be to his and his masters benefit if Iranians become independent.



Reading this interview with


Reading this interview with BenAmi i get the feeling that he's really trying to appease the powerful AIPAC pro-Likud lobby.


With compatriots like these... 


common decency

by IRANdokht on

When I take the time to read your nonsense, write a comment, find a link and post in my comment, at least have the common decency to respond to me like a grown up instead of acting like a spoiled brat and give me a nickname while posting an arbitrary link.

I am not here to raise other people's children and teach them manners.




by Fred on


For wish-washy Alzheimer sufferers


 Also the same lobby an Islamist was so big on.


J Street

by IRANdokht on

JStreet trying to get back to the real game, probably snubbed too much?

The newly established pro-Israel organization known as J Street recently held its first national conference in Washington but... [it] was a bust. Not only did Israel’s ambassador to the U.S. boycott the conference (suggesting rather pointedly that the government of Israel doesn’t particularly care for “moderate” American Jewish organizations) but also a bevy of U.S. senators and members of the House of Representatives ... decided it would not be in their best interests to do so. That is, AIPAC and Israel wouldn’t approve.

J Street largely exists in the rhetoric of its own press releases. And
the big flop of its first national conference drove that point home
most painfully.



All that said, I congratulate you Fred for being able to tie Aasemoon and rismoon together.

To announce that yet another Israeli group is speaking the same talking points as you do, you have managed to bring up NIAC, not just a mention in the text but in the actual title of your blog, when NIAC had nothing to do with it! 

It takes talent I am sure ;-)