Partition of Iran

by Fred

Joint Statement by the United States and the United Arab Emirates in part declares:

“President Obama and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nuhayan reviewed the full range of regional security issues including Iran, Syria, terrorism, and energy security.

…They also called for a peaceful resolution of the islands' status, regarding which the United States strongly supports the UAE's initiative to resolve the issue through direct negotiations, the International Court of Justice, or another appropriate international forum.”

There are many live Iranians, whose birth certificates are much older than the age of the British created UAE.

President Barack Hussein Obama’s backing of what essentially amounts to gerrymandering, a prelude to partition of the Iranian territory is, to put it simply, NUTS.

This “joint statement” will open many cans of worms which can only exasperate already tense situation. Aside calls for revisiting the partition of Bahrain from Iran getting louder; it will play into the hands of the cornered barbaric Moslem rulers in Iran who have increasingly gone for the nationalistic card.


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It appears people are curious

by CIM on

You may have missed the story of the ethnic Talesh-Iranian journalist that was arrested in the Republic of Azerbaijan for admitting the Talesh people are a suppressed sub-group of ethnic Iranians (they executed the former leading Talesh academic by the name of Novruzali Mamedov); It was easy to miss that story on this site given that this site buried that story notwithstanding the fact that I am personally acquainted with that journalist and that the story is world-wide news and has been written about in a dozen languages.  Fortunately, another site carried the story on the front page as did several leading newspapers from Russia and Armenia, which we gladly provided information on the topic.    


Additionally, you will find that there is a contingent of people that have left this site claiming that this site deliberately features separatist propaganda.  They have produced screenshots to support their claims. At least seven people say they were banned from this site when they attempted to raise those points.     Our job is to determine why, but answers concerning censorship on this subject is not forthcoming nor have our interview requests been acknowledged to air the reasons behind the practice.   


This is an interesting website: Have you ever wondered why the same 10-15 online personalities participate on this site whereas other social networking sites have hundreds (if not thousands) of users that contribute and participate on a daily basis? 


For those who are trained to spot biased journalism, certain practices raise red flags that need to be looked into.


I'd worry more about Khouzestan, Kurdestan, Baluchestan.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Even Azarbaijan, where the discriminatory and brutal suppression of the just demands of the local population by the corrupt, murdering, thieving Islamist regime is faning the flames of separatist sentiments.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Behind every Misery of the Iranian People

by Faramarz on


You will find the criminal and the incompetent hands of the IR Regime, its leaders and supporters.


behind every mischief in the world

by مآمور on

u will find  Zionists

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