Pathological liars


by Fred

The recent peaceful mass protests in Iran and the subsequent brutal suppression operations by the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, was yet another vantage point  for the sane world to witness the mindset of the ruling Islamists.

Almost the entire world, courtesy of unbelievably brave Iranians and Western technology, got to see vivid videos of government’s rooftop positioned sharpshooters randomly picking off peaceful protesters. The interested got to hear verified account after account of brutalities meted out to the detained protesters which included routine barbaric torture and high number of resulting deaths. And by now there are not that many who don’t know about the raping of men, women and underage children by the officials of the IRR.

The sane world also got to experience first hand what Iranians have come to know through thirty years of bitter experience, which is not only what monstrosities the Islamists are capable of committing but what a shameless pathological liars they are.

Openly contradictory accounts of the events as recounted by the high officials of the IRR have been the order of the past few days.

In a news conference on Monday,  Rajabzadeh, the commander of the Greater Tehran law enforcement forces  proclaimed “ no one died in Kahrizak “, referring to by now notorious torture facilities in the middle of nowhere. This is after the coroner’s office issued an official forensic report on the death of at least one of the detainees at Kahrizak, pinpointing the cause of death due to blunt force trauma.

There have been other such blatant contradictory statements, outright lies, by the IRR officials including the Revolutionary Guard commander Jafari, who against a mountain of irrefutable evidence including tens of  released corpses and a much higher numbers secretly buried,  pictures and documents of the secrete midnight burials have leaked,  put the civilian death, i.e. murdered victims, at nine. 

In a few days the Islamist nuke file is going to be the focus of the sane world’s leaders.  It seems at least some of them are catching the drift, the other day Sarkozy, the French President said:

"It is the same leaders in Iran who say that the nuclear program is peaceful and that the elections were honest. Who can believe them?"





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by IranPars on

That is a heartbreaking story. What monsters! God bless her soul, God damn this Arab regime.




دختر یک فرد فلج


دختر یک فرد فلج جنگی زمان جنگ ایران و عراق
را به جرم گفتن خدا بزرگ است از روی پشت بام خانه اش دستگیر
کرده و برده اند
و چون زیبا رو و جوان بوده او را هم مانند ترانه موسوی به عنوان
غنیمت جنگی به لشگریان اسلام داده اند تا با تجاوز پاره و پوره کنند
و بکشند زیرا این شخص کافر بوده است

نام این دختر سعیده پور آقائی بوده است .
Saeedeh Pour Aghayee, was the only daughter of war veteran hero, Abbas Pour Aghayee. She was dragged down by the Baseej thugs from her roof top while she was chanting 'God is Great' and 'Down with the Dictator'.

After twenty days of not knowing where Saeedeh was taken to, her mother was called to identify Saeedeh's body amongst many that were kept in the make shift freezers used in South Tehran. But the authorities refused to hand over her body and so she is now buried in section 302 of Tehran's main cemetery amongst other unknown victims of the post election fraud protests.

Just like Taraneh Moussavi, it seems Saeedeh was also viciously gang raped by her captors. Her body was burned from knees up to her chest to cover up the hideous crimes that were committed against her.

A meagre mourning ceremony was held for Saeedeh by her bereaved mother and close family members, but it was also attended by Mir Hussein Moussavi.

Saeedeh's father, Abbas, was a victim of the chemical attacks on Iran by Saddam's forces. His injuries prevented him from running around and playing with his only daughter. All he could do was watch and admire her growing up and tell her about his memories of the courage and the sacrifices of those who protected Iran from falling into Saddam's henchmen. He died two years ago from his debilitating injuries that had made him a shadow of his former self. Perhaps it is best that he did not live to see what these murderers did with his only beloved daughter.

The tragic news of this war veteran's daughter was also reported on Iran's Parliament News site. The title said, 'Tonight Everyone Wept'.

A war veteran's daughter is murderered in this way, yet Saddam's former stooge, George Galloway gets his wages paid by these criminals.



Nothing new

by MRX1 on

Majority of sane and honorable people any where know the kind of filth Islamo facist regime is but as some one brilliantly said in their posting, there is too much money involved (iran hasn't been robbed enough) so the show must go on.....


Well said.

by IranPars on

As to the nuke file you mentioned, you do know that the West does not have the backbone to deal firmly with Iran in order to stop the mullahs, including Sarkozy's France.

Obama is one big liberal pussy, we all know that (Jimmy Carter II). His constituency, the liberal loons, will crucify him if he takes military action to stop the mullahs, which is the only way they will stop -- WE ALL KNOW THAT -- short of a grand bargain with security agreements, which in the aftermath of the fraudulent elections, seems all the more unlikely.

That leaves only one power with enough backbone and experience to stop the IRR from acquiring nukes, and we all sadly know what that would entail and who that power is -- whether we like it or not, the akhunds/Revolutionary Guards truly believe that nukes are their ultimate life insurance policy against any and all threats, and will not stop until they get it.

There's just way too much money involved, too much money not yet stolen from Iran's national coffers to take any chances.

Everything else is just hot air. 





by Fred on

You wrote: “Even the most fervent apologist / stooge of the IRI cannot deny the "rapist" character of their beloved regime.”

 Unfortunately I’ve got to disagree with your assessment and offer as proof the “rape happens in every prison in USA every day” statement by one of the rabid ones who by the way was moaning, lamenting and wondering about how negatively he is perceived by others.   



Jahanshah Rashidian

Thank you

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thank you for the post. Even the most fervent apologist / stooge of the IRI cannot deny the "rapist" character of their beloved regime.


Good Post Fred

by masoudA on