The perils of being Iranian


by Fred

Two snippets of news, Washington post, Tuesday, January 30, 2007:

“Even before the 33-day war ended, Iran had provided Hezbollah with $150 million to begin rebuilding, some of it going to victims in $10,000 bundles of crisp U.S. currency, according to a Shiite politician who spoke on condition of anonymity.”

ISNA news Agency, August 14, 2012:

“In regards to the earthquake in East Azerbaijan province, First Vice President announced the decision of the Special Working Group:

One million tooman (less than $500) grant for immediate needs,

An additional 2 million tooman (less than $1000) grant for preliminary rebuilding needs,

Those dwellings totally destroyed are eligible for 12.5 million tooman (less than $6000) loans with subsidized interest at 4%.”

In other words, Lebanese Hezbollah members got an immediate $10,000 as pocket money, with rebuilding done free and clear.

On the other hand, Iranian earthquake victims might, just might get less than $1,500. Something is very wrong here.

It is no wonder one of the persistent slogans of the Iranian people has been:“No to Gaza No to Lebanon, I die for Iran”

ps. Iranian proverb: The light which could be used at home is forbidden to be donated to the mosque.

Charity begins at home.


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curious thing about Islamic republic of Zereshk.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 Is that all it's supporters have abandoned it for the land of "great statan", so that they can eat Tons of sugar smeared Zereshk 24/7, moaning and complaining about the "great satan"!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Macy's USA Inc.

by Demo on

is proud to announce its long in-effect policy of leaving comments here on IC without ever reading the subject blogs contents or other commentators' remarks! And that is what the coporate America is all about!


In the cyber based Islamic republic of velayate Zereshk....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Any mention of plight of Iranian people dying  burried alive, whilst their money is stolen and diverted to the shiat terrorist gangs around the world , is haram, and would result in a pathetically obvious diversionary comment by an islamist zereshk juice drinker! 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


The perils of being corrupt!

by Demo on

And what happened to the corrupt Iranian Shah of Iran after committing so much of crimes & stealing so much of people' money? He died of excruciating cancer in excile & we all know what happened to the members of his househld afterward. The current men of the Iranian regime are also 100% Iranians & are mostly corrupt. No matter how much money spending now will not bring any of the dead ones back. They are all guilty of not taking care of the problems in reinforcing/rebuilding of muddy structures in those villages & in fact are guilty of voluntary manslaughter. There is a GOD in control after all & soon will take care of them with their heinous crimes. Nobody can get away with his/her crimes. Nobody.



by Azarbanoo on

Bastard Akhoonds in IRAN to IRANIANS through all 34 years of their plunderings & criminal activities.

Down with IRR/IRI


امداد غیبی



البته ۱۵۰۰ دلار برای زلزله زده مبلغ بسیار ناچیزیست ولی‌ اگر امداد‌های غیبی را بدان بیفزایید چیز کلانی میشود! به کتاب ذیل به همین نام (امداد غیبی) که در ارتباط با زلزله بم نوشته شده توجه بفرمایید:

معرفي مختصر كتاب: 

کتاب حاضر، حاوي داستان فارسي از «محسن حائري» است. نويسنده در اين داستان تلاش دارد با خلق دو شخصيت تخيلي با نام‌هاي «پويا» و «نوشين» که در قالب آدم‌برفي هستند، به بازروايي صحنه‌هايي از واقعة زلزلة بم در سال 1382 بپردازد. پويا و نوشينِ اين داستان را شخصيت حقيقي «شکوفه»، يگانه فرزند «مش کاظم» ساخته است. پويا پس از زلزله متوجه مي‌شود که نوشين در کنار او نيست، جست‌وجوهاي پويا براي يافتن نوشين حقيقت تازه‌اي را روشن مي‌سازد که نشان از قدرت بي‌منتهاي خداوندي دارد. شايان ذکر است اين داستان با تصاوير واقعة زلزله بم مستند شده است.


در ضمن ضرب المثل رایج در ایران کنونی چنین است:

چراغی که به خانه رواست به مسجد روا تر است!