Pity Islam

by Fred

While reading the most recent speech of the absolute leader of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, I just could not help but feel sorry for Iranian Moslems and Islam itself.

Admittedly one will not find any organized religion with clean record, no such thing exists.  But to have these chaps headed by the Head Rapist Khamenei representing Islam is a new low worthy of commiseration for the religion and its true believers.

At some point, as distant as it might be, the physical and psychological damage these Islamist Rapists have inflicted on Iran and Iranians will heal. But the recovery of Islam after IRR’s thirty year savagery and unleashing of it far and wide all in the name of Islam makes it highly problematic if not impossible.

It is time for the faithful Iranian Moslems to take their faith back and salvage whatever they can.


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