Press TV at its best

by Fred

presstv, the English language propaganda arm of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has aired a clip showing the meeting between two teenage Iranian girls and then American hostage, now freed through paid ransom, Sarah Shourd.

Aside the clumsy aspect of the propaganda effort, the sheer audacity of the Islamist Rapist authorities to so blatantly lie about their military grade equipment procurement agent is nothing new. What is so disgusting is using the twin teenage girls in their Islamist propaganda effort.

The legal filing on the convicted SHAHRAZAD MIR GHOLIKHAN, aka Farideh Fahimi:



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So I see

by Escape on

 Their Mother was convicted of trying to buy 3500 pair of night vision goggles illegally for the Iranian govt.Thanks for that link Fred really delegitamizes this propaganda piece.


Propaganda it may be but ...

by reader1 on

.. those two girls are sweet and the meeting choreographed in a professional manner to touch a nerve with ordinary Americans. I have seen many Fox News propagandas of much lesser quality!


The audacity

by mahmoudg on

Exchanging a convicted trafficker for an innocent hostage.  Tios islamic Rapist Republic will not stop at anything trockery to achieve its aims, which is world domination and turning back the clock of modernization.