PressTV, off you go!


by Fred

Ever since its launch, Presstv, the English language propaganda arm of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) has had a freehand justifying the terroristic activities and demonizing those regime targets.

However, change is afoot.

After Presstv aired the forced confession of a victim of the Islamist Rapists, when the victim reached the free world he initiated an official investigation of Presstv accusing it of acting as an arm of his Islamist Rapist torturers. After a lengthy process, Presstv was fined 100,000 pounds which it did pay and eventually was taken off a satellite beaming its terroristic propaganda into Britain. 

Now, Lady Shadi Sadr, the famed Iranian lawyer, journalist and tireless human rights defender who was imprisoned, beaten and finally forced to flee the Islamist Rapists is spearheading the effort asking the German broadcasting authorities to take Presstv off satellites there as well. 

There are currently 14 satellites that broadcast Presstv’s 24/7 hatemongering, taking it off the air one satellite at a time is a good thing,  Cut! Take Press TV Off the Air.

In a short blog entry in Dec 2010, I said the following which still holds true:

Restricting and/or closing down any media, any venue for free speech, even one as vile as the ones owned by the Islamist Rapists, is the wrong thing to do. However, since IRR denies Iranians the right to have unfettered access to other than hate spewing state media, why should it enjoy the freedom it denies others?


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 Excellent news. Thanks

by vildemose on

 Excellent news. Thanks for sharing.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by Fred on

Presstv is the English language propaganda arm of the Islamist Rapists with Fati-commando and Basiji in a suite presenters spewing Islamist Rapist terroristic nonsense.

Their main theme is to the liking of the usual clueless sane world residing Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies, hence the triumvirate attacks anyone discussing the terroristic behavior of their TV channel.

Happy 64th Independence Day, soon Iran and Iranins after emancipation from the Islmist Rapists' tyranny, will have such joyous national days too.

Take care. 


LOL and PEACE to you too.

by mousa67 on

and i mean it 100% not 20%.


Soosan Khanoom

oh mousa dear

by Soosan Khanoom on

Why do you support press tv? 


dear soosan khanoom: there is actualy a team of zionist agents

by mousa67 on

here. i am hurt badly that i was not mentioned in your great exposure of the zionist team on i am just as good as mr demo and mr fred. except i perform the LOL and wink wink roles. a bit like yourself. also i dont have a clue. a bit like yourself too. 

now who is this pressTV? why are you and my dearest mr demo so angry about it's closure ? and why dont i get it on my brand new digital hdtv channels? and can i safely assume that this press tv is somehow related to the islamist republic?  

Soosan Khanoom

And oh one more thing

by Soosan Khanoom on

this way you two ..  ( wink.. wink )  can even post 4 blogs per day collectively ...

WOW !! 

Soosan Khanoom

I agree but Fred how can you even talk about free speech

by Soosan Khanoom on

While giving the opportunity you would shoot Günter Grass in head in no time.  Not even mention the blog you wrote on him.   Can your group split to two characters one talks for Iran and one for Israel?  We can have Fereydon blogging for Iran and Fred who blogs for Israel. lol

This way at least we try to think that there is no hypocrisy behind the individual blogger's mind.  

See as an Iranian one has every right to want that mouthpiece of IRI be punished but as an Israeli one has no right especially when the entire Media Empire is being ruled by the Zionist and bankstrs agenda where they fed us with daily dose of garbage just like the Press TV.

Look at its bright side, having two separate bloggers will make this otherwise boring site more fun too ..  And we promise to pretend that we have no clue either !!



Wise Chick's La-Jick?

by Demo on

Are not all other similar TV's like 'BBC Persian TV,' 'Farda Radio & TV,' 'Algazireh TV,' & 'you name it TV,' also the propaganda arms of both terror-east & terror-west  entities ',24/7 pressing their own agendas,' as well? Could anybody deny, for instance, the major role that Algazireh TV, backed up by the most corrupt Arabs rulers money, has had in the so called 'Arab Spring' from its day first? Then why not Cutting & Taking them All Off the Air at the same time? Wise Chick's La-Jick, isn't it?


Great Justification, Fred

by Azarbanoo on

Your logic is very wise.