Princess Adela; a Saudi beauty

by Fred

Whenever you see the ruling religious Neanderthals in Iran have gotten their turbans in a twist over what a woman has done, you know she must have done something very, very right.


Arab news sites last night reported the unveiling of the princess “Adela” the daughter of Abdullah bin Abdulaziz al-Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia.

In this photo, daughter of the king of Wahhabism has golden hair, without face mask and veil, which apparently is an unprecedented move.

Not that long ago, in an interview with the French La Figaro, she had said some words against the type of Hejab in Arabia, describing it as having roots in the Arab’s local tribal customs and not in the religion of Islam.”

In addition to being the daughter of the King of Saudi Arabia, the birthplace and home of Islam, Princess Adela’s beauty is magnified a thousandfold by her views about the role of women in society, forced hejab and other antiquated customs imposed and enforced by men which have enslaved most Muslim women relegating them to second class citizen.

No doubt about it, Princess Adela Bint Abdulla Bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud is a drop dead gorgeous woman, inside and out.


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by Fred on

Apparently some concepts are way above your head, do not bother with it.


Keep on truckin!



drop dead gorgeous?? LOL

by amirkabear4u on


Why is it you jews like to EXAGGERATE everything?????????????????????

You never fail to impress me!!!!!

drop dead gorgeous






Princess Woman, A GOD's Beauty

by Demo on

Woman is the most beautiful & the most 'sacred' aspect or facet ('Vajh' in Arabic) of GOD's creation. She is like a GOD's temple, giving birth to whoever we are and that is why she carries the most beautiful word ever as a 'Mother.' Forget about Shiaism, Suniism, Wahabism, and etc. Those are all nothing but 'Man-Made' cults/sects. Let's all stick to the GOD's words basic essence. He created man & woman both. Man has absolutely no right to enslave woman, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. Arabs or no-Arabs are equal in GOD's creation/eyes. What matters to him is not & repeat is not the outwardly appearance/virtues but what is in one's heart. As simple as that. 

Happy Thanksgiving day to all. May GOD bless us all with our daily 'Thankskeeping,' i.e. keep us Thanking him day by day. Amen.