by Fred

It is puzzling; when it comes to differences between some of the vociferous self-proclaimed “opposition” to IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, and its hardcore messianic Islamist Rapist supporters, there is not much visible to the naked eye.Both sides agree on:

The regime is here to stay, one side claims it needs and can be reformed, while the other side says things are just fine as is.

The “right” to nuclear technology which can be switched to weaponized application to empower IRR is paramount for both sides.

Bothe sides detest the sane world, one side which lives in it and benefits from it can’t stop besmearing it all time, the other side having the state facilities at its disposal does the very same thing on a much larger scale.

Both sides consider Israel, Iran’s only historical strategic ally, as their nemesis. One side cannot get into any discussion without torturously connecting it to the Jews and the detested Israel, the other side does not beat around the bush and goes straight for the “wiping off the map” thing.

Both sides warn against getting help from outside to fight the regime. The regime friendly lobbies in the west while exempting their selves from getting “outside” funding belittle,  tar and feathers all those who do, the Islamist Rapists just use the “outside “ funding as an excuse to murder Iranians  they find troublesome to their rule.

So, what and where is the meaningful difference between the two?


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by LoverOfLiberty on

HHH: "The Brits also pushed UN and their allies to pass the resolution to recognize Israel as a country in 1948."

This assertion is absolutely false...particularly since the UK actually abstained when the 1947 Partition Plan was voted on by the UN.

Here is a link to a copy of the actual UN Resolution.  And, if one scrolls towards the end of the resolution they will find the details of the actual vote.:


Moreover, after this vote, the UK actually refused to implement the UN Partition Plan.  And, they decided to unilaterally withdraw from the Mandate starting in May 1948 and, upon their departure, they refused to turn over the control of the Mandate to ANY successor.

So, again, your assertion is absolutely false.


(The history I just presented is a very well established set of facts. And, I seriously doubt any serious historian is going to debate these detains as not being facts. I'm just surprised at the level of ignorance of rather basic history some people have who post on this site.)


Let it all out

by Fred on

Doing great Mehdi, the more people like you talk as forthrightly as you do, the better it is for the enslaved Iran and Iranians. let it all out.


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

Fred of course, as usual, conveniently refuses to say if he feels that the Jewishist Rapist Barbarians have the right to the nuclear bomb or not. Do Jewishist bloodthirsty barbarians such as Sharon The Psychopath, deserve to have the nuke? 

Like I say, Ezra-eel is the CANCER. 

The only people who want sanctions and war for Iran are degraded criminals living in sewers of the Jewishist toilet, they call proudly a "state." Keep dreaming. Your dream of an aparteid regime that controls everything died with the original psychopaths who envisioned it. 60 years later you have nothing to show other than the bloodshed you learned from your forefathers, the Nazis.  


Thanks for the admission

by Fred on

 Also, no matter if Iran wants nuclear bombs or not they have a right to it because their enemies have hundreds to thousands.”

So the anti-Iran and Iranian Islamist Rapist barbarians have the “right” to the “nuclear bombs.”

Thank you for the blunt admission.


What Historic Allies?!

by HHH on

Israel has no "history" to have been our "Historic ally".  It was only created during Mohammad Reza Shah and that's it. Even Shah has a video on youtube in which he shows his disgust with how zionists are trying to take over the world & how they've already taken over America & US government with their lobbyists. He stayed friendly with Israel to please America.

If you mean palestinian jews that's a different story. They have been a part of palestine for 3200 years, they have a right to be there "inside their own homes & lands" not on stolen arab lands. And their number is hardly half a million.

Israel was purchased by Rothschilds of Europe from British occupiers. God knows how much money British monarchy received to hand over palestine to the Rothschild family & their zionist buddies. The Brits also pushed UN and their allies to pass the resolution to recognize Israel as a country in 1948.

So don't attach IRI regime, it's opponents or supporters to the israel issue because they're totally unrelated.

Also, no matter if Iran wants nuclear bombs or not they have a right to it because their enemies have hundreds to thousands. Nukes bring peace for Iran. No one will attack Iran if iran has nuclear bombs & that's exactly why US, Israel, UK and France are so against it.

They want an Iran they can occupy and control when oil runs out which will be soon. A nuclear Iran they can't enslave.

As I said 10 years ago the IRI regime will either slowly change from within or it'll get changed from outside by the Iranian nation.

unfortunately history moves slow so things don't happen in 6 months but they do happen. Iran of today is not the Iran of 1982 or even 1992. I know this regime will not last in it's current form. History proves that and even science proves that & most important of all my 6th-sense ;)

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I asked one of their mentors, Mammad, for proof of what they say. As usual he packed and left that thread. Fred himself has asked them to provide proof for their accusations. Nothing, so far.


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

The messianic Rapist Jewishist anomaly in Middle East does not allow any country to be stronger than it. It systematically commits acts of terrorism - officially and overtly. It even prides itself as having the most efficient assassins in the region! It plunders land belonging to others nonstop and their lap dogs on this site try to portray it as the ideal form of government!

How shameless one can be. But then again, they have inherited their culture of bloodshed from the Nazis. Their leaders imported all Nazi characteristics into Isra-eel. "Audacity, audacity, audacity" simply means be as degraded as you can be - be as shameless as you can! They are the most rejected regime in the world - according to survey - and if it was not for the billions they spend on advertising and the connections they have to CIA and other criminals, they would not last a week. It is a dream of RAPIST regimes.

Fred will gladly propagate their vicious lies and propaganda and tries everything to get a war going and a few degraded Jewishist cheer for him.

I hope Fred's family will get exactly what he wishes on my country's children. I hope Israeli children will have the same life that Fred is wishing on my country's children. Amen!



by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Could you, please point me to where Our fellow blogger Fred has asked for Iran to be bombed? I'd really appreciate... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Mehdi is to cyber basijis as mahmoudg is to Fred


I miss mahmoudg's calls to bombing Iran. He too is honest about what the likes of Fred stand for.



by Fred on


I am not being sarcastic at all, not by a long shot.

When in the sane world, most, if not all the people with Mehdi’s mentality hide their belief behind the usual covers that most Iranians are quite adapt at recognizing from a zillion mile away.

Mehdi is being honest and forthright about it, he must  be commended for his frankness which is educational for the ones who are less adapt at recognizing this mentality and what it stands for.  


TDVV Infection

by Demo on

Insanely delusional & sinfully puzzled are the common symptoms of the neocons’ Two Dimensional View Virus (TDVV) infection. The former musing chickens are in particular susceptible to such deadly virus!


"Thanks mehdi"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I wonder Fred, if the idiot gets the sarcasm, not a known virtue amongst our etellati brethren! 

and where is the "nooclar enerjyyyyyyy iss overrrr riiiiiiiite" guy today? the hammer fell on his head cracked open the skull and the pea sized brain fell off?!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thanks Mehdi

by Fred on

You are doing a public service for the residents of the sane world , Mehdi. Please keep on revealing to them what makes people like you  to be thinking and acting the way you all do. Thanks for the revelations.


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

As I said before, Isra-eel is the cancer in the region. Of course Fred knows that very well.

The Jewishis Rapist regime is the counterpart to any dictatorship in the area. Those who support such a terrorist  state, are of course degraded individuals. These people have no problem with dictatorship or rapist regimes really - their only objection is that Isra-eel MUST remain the only rapist regime in the region. If Isr-eel rapes openly and with no shame, it is because Isra-eel is part of the club here laughingly named as the "sane world."

Ferd, of course, in his rant-like falsehood will flatly refuse to show us which country is part of this so-called sane world and why. Instead he simply writes another article asking for the sanctioning and bombing of Iranian children. This is what the good book of Mossad says to do - just keep on propagating the lies far and wide - never get into logical discussion.

The sane world - yeah! Maybe it is United States - the same country that annihilated a whole race and took over their land. The same country that is the only country insane enough to murder the Japanese for no reason at all and then have the shamelessness to try to explain it away! How much more insane can you be? Maybe it is Isra-eel that is sane? Oh, that's got to be one of the biggest jokes! I don't think even "friends" of Fred would comment on that one! 

I hope to see the Israeli people free from the rapist Jewishists cancer that has afflicted their nation. People are suffering in Isra-eel from the stench of these religious pretenders. May God himself deal with them all.