Queen, a pervert & the dancing magician


by Fred

Qods newspaper in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has published a no-holds-barred interview with Muhammad Reza Naghdi. In it the newly appointed commander of the Basij militia cutthroats, the Islamist version of Nazi’s Stormtroopers chief Ernst Rohm, among other things says:

“…and if these forces(Basij) step aside the same people who are known as the Plain Clothes will enter the arena with an uncontrollable reaction to the situation in numbers a thousand fold over the number of Basij. You should know in such reaction by people no one will be left alive. The reality is Basij presence has prevented this tragedy from taking place.

 … [In England] imagine millions of pounds a year from taxes people pay is spent on the Queen, is this freedom? But in the same country if people demonstrate against the high cost of plane travel, their wages, insurance or such issues, do they use slogans against their ridiculous regime? Are they allowed to do such a thing? Of course not, they will kill and massacre them all.  

But in our country we have a model system. Name a system in the entire world which like Iran announces the leader has to be a scholar to qualify for the position.

Right now in Italy a smuggler is their president, France’s president is a pervert whose former wife divorced him because of his perversion, in America a magician dancer is the president.

Now all these countries should have immunity but in our country which is a beautiful and sacred system whoever has a problem with another or has a criticism of some newspaper should insult the foundation of the system and nobody should say a thing? These are unacceptable to us. “

Just imagine such a mindset with access to nuke and already operational long-range Ballistic Missiles.  Before it is too late the sane world with its “smuggler, pervert and magician dancer” and all has to wake up. Help enslaved Iranians head off a disaster in the making; these guys are messianic Islamists and mean business. Time is of the essence.    





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Institutionalized Prejudice and Ignorance

by Ahura on

The depth of ignorance and misinformation is astounding, The real damage of IRI to Iran is the plundering of Iranian minds through institutionalized prejudice and ignorance, a misfortune much greater than plundering the countries physical wealth. It is essential that all opposition groups and patriotic Iranians unite and remove IRI in order to start reversing the damages inflicted on Iran. As always thanks Fred for you dedication and unwavering efforts to expose and confront IRI and present a solution for its removal.

Darius Kadivar

Fred Jaan I thought You were Speaking of Freddy Mercury ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Sargord Pirouz

Nagdi and the Birthers/Tea baggers

by Sargord Pirouz on

"magician dancer"

Over 30% of Americans would probably agree with that characterization. And some of those people would probably say the Basidji Commandant is being too kind!