Quran burnings in Muslim lands

by Fred

Now that due to the overwhelming public disapproval the Floridian “man of God” has indefinitely postponed his Quran burning show, calm is at hand to point out a number of facts about Quran, its burning(s) and two questions.

1- The burning of any book is sheer stupidity, Quran is a book, burning it is therefore stupid.

2- The symbolic aspect of Quran burning is stupid as well for the simple reason it puts the person and group doing it on par with other book burners like the Nazis, Khmer Rouge, Islamists and alike.

3- The practical aspect of Quran burning is stupid too for it empowers the very ones who are the intended target, the rabid Islamists.

Now to my questions:

1- How come when hundreds or perhaps thousands of Qurans are burned on almost daily basis no Muslim makes any issue of it?

You say where and when, what do you think are kept in all those mosques and prayer centers that rival Islamists blow up on a regular basis.

2- How come when in the name of Quran human beings are flogged, mutilated and stoned to death not many Muslims vociferously condemn the savagery allowing its most stringent interpretation to be used by Islamists as the authority to inflict barbarity?

BTW, while everyone was concerned about the Florida show burning, two more Iranian teenage girls doused themselves with kerosene and lit a match.




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tell it to cia!

by Anonymous8 on

who blew up all the mosque in iraq? sunnis could have done this anytime in past under saddam. which army benefit from anarchy in iraq? us armys

Mola Nasredeen

"I'm just saying"

by Mola Nasredeen on

"Fred" writing "Type C" is defenitely the lessor of the bunch, and was the writer that responded so vehemently against the accusation that the "Fred" propaganda effort is the work of a PR firm in New York."

Said Hazrate Sargord.


is that you haji firouz?

by vildemose on

Lutheran family gives to prevent malaria

In the Moret family of Arden Hills, nets are a metaphor for sports and for life: soccer, basketball -- and malaria.

Pam and Mark Moret have three young-adult children, a passion for philanthropy and an interest in the international.  So part of their charitable giving goes to Nothing But Nets, a campaign that fights malaria in Africa by distributing insecticide-treated nets to cover beds where people are sleeping.

The Morets have involved their children in their philanthropy, and they give through the Lutheran Community Foundation because it provides "a very thoughtful and organized way of thinking about our giving," Pam said.//www.catholiccommunityfoundation.org/01_20_07_-_Faithful_Giving_Star_Tribune_Article_By_Bob_Franklin.html


Well, I will borrow a phrase from our Mola Shotor friend

by Onlyiran on

to describe how Mark Merat compares himself to us:

"I'm American, I'm white, I'm Christian, I must be right."  You brown skinned Iranians must listen to me.  That's why I'm on every thread spewing my BS.  :-))) 



by thexmaster on

Nah...just took me 10 minutes of googling to find him.  His psychotic obsession with Fred and the hunt to figure out who he is or who "they" are just got me motivated to find out who is Sargord Pirouz.  I found nothing remarkable. 


You contacted Fred, really?

by Simorgh5555 on

On a Jewish holiday as well! Now that's service!



by thexmaster on

Yeah, his real name is Mark Merat .  I contacted Fred to see if he can use his mossad contacts to find this agent of the IRI, and he came through.  Fred, you cheeky zionist bastard!


We even got his picture:


Looks like those basijis on the motorcycles.


Very funny Xmatser

by Onlyiran on

Wow, his name is Mark Merat?  Good to know.  

PS - I agree with your opinion about him. 



by Simorgh5555 on

I agree!


Sargord Mark Pyruz Merat has only one writing type

by thexmaster on

"type BS"

Mola Nasredeen

Sargord, you are right on the money

by Mola Nasredeen on

This last comment by the Fred Co is written by the Farsi/Persian speaking member of the Fred Co group. Excellent observation.


Anonymouse - Sargord Mark

by Simorgh5555 on

Sargord suffers from OCD as evident in his fixation with Fred. The reason for Sargord's incessant persuit of 'Fred' can be explained by the following: a) Attraction for a member of the same sex. Clearly, Sargord feels intimidated by Fred's knowledge and his wit b) He does not have a life and is paid by the IR to propagate lies and defend its atrocities. c) Both of the above. 

So do you belive Sargord is a Type 'a', 'b' or 'c'? 

Anonymous Observer

To: "Mark Morat" aka "Sargord"

by Anonymous Observer on

Well, we may never know who "Fred" is, but we surely know who you are.  :-))

BTW, I thought that Fred was an observant Jew / Zionist who lived in Israel (based on your astonishing and clever deciphering of the working hours in Israel--which BTW correspond to the working hours in Iran, Lebanon and Syria) and who even went tow work on a Jewish holiday so that he can post blogs on Iranian.com (LOL :-)))  So what's this all about:

  "Fred" writing "Type C" is defenitely the lessor of the bunch, and was the writer that responded so vehemently against the accusation that the "Fred" propaganda effort is the work of a PR firm in New York.

Now he works for a PR firm in NYC?  What's that all about? :-))) 


hamsade ghadimi

by Fred on

همسایه قدیمی،

 ضمن پایبندی به بند سوم، برداشت شما را هم به عنوان بند چهارم این عریضۀ شریفه قبول دارم.

در مورد دوستان هم که سایه الطافشان همیشه پت و پهن است و ماشالله همگی نماد زهد و تقوی و ایراندوستی  هستند این دوبیتی شیخ بهایی را تقدیم میکنم تا بدانند که با ایندست کارهایشان گره بر باد میزنند:

 زاهد به تو تقوی و ریا ارزانی

من دانم و بی دینی و بی ایمانی

توباش چنان و طعنه می زن بر من

من کافر و من یهود و من نصرانی

 آخر هفته خوش باد


The "muslim brotherhood" myth.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

My late grandfather was an akhoond , so was his father. I believe my father and his cyblings were the first generation to go to university and do real jobs for living. I believe that change of family career had something to do with my garndfather's experience as an akhoond zadeh during Reza shah's era! Anyhow, my Grandfather being an akhoond, both during pahlavis and islamist regime influenced me with his islamist shia ideas. He was educated in Najaf and was a Shia cleric to the core. One Shia "value" he always tried to hammer into my head as a child was that Sunnis were Kafars! Now, years on, each time I hear about sunnis and shias fighting and killing each other in Zahedan, Iran, or afghanistan, or Pakistan or Iraq, I remeber my grandfather's words of wisdom! 


Muslims blowing up mosques/qurans! Good point, Fred.

by MM on


hamsade ghadimi

i have to disagree with

by hamsade ghadimi on

i have to disagree with your point #3: the priest who conducted this publicity stunt did this to get attention.  and he did.  it wasn't the matter of burning qorans (which they won't) but getting his name in the national scene.  he's probably raking in the donations as we speak and has hired a p.r. agent to appear on cbn, fox news, glen beck and any rally with sarah palin.  therefore, the fiasco was practical.  this priest and church are no strangers to law enforcement and there's nothing holy or ideological about some of their deeds.

which brings me to other attention-seeking individuals who are not about content but about filling the space around them with noise. could you give a rattle your self-appointed minder so that he calms down before your gov't-appointed minder (the stinky one) shows up?



Self-burning material

by comrade on

In my opinion the ceremony of Quran burning has been going on for a while; not by priests and bishops, but by translators and publishers. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Sargord Pirouz

"Fred" writing "Type AB" now "Type C"

by Sargord Pirouz on

This appears to be "Fred" writing "Type AB".

Differences between it and "Type A" are now so evident that we can classify this as "Fred" writing "Type C".

Note the very poor sentence construction of paragraph one, as well as the more animated tone. In fact, the sentence structure throughout the post appears inferior to that of "Type A". There are also missing punctuation marks.

"Fred" writing "Type C" is defenitely the lessor of the bunch, and was the writer that responded so vehemently against the accusation that the "Fred" propaganda effort is the work of a PR firm in New York.