R as in regime change

by Fred

For the very first time the President of the Russian federation, Dmitry Medvedev has publicly revealed his country’s misgivings about IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s vast, mostly subterranean illegal full cycle nuke program.

It seems the Islamist Rapists are about to lose one more well compensated protector and soon be left with the giants of science, technology, military might and diplomacy like, Burkina Faso, Syria, Seychelles and the good old IRR Mini-Me terrorist  entities of Hezbollah and its twin Hamas.

Despite the tremendous oil revenue at its disposal IRR has run Iran’s economy into the ground, due to its terroristic thuggish behavior has become an international pariah and with its total and absolute disregard for civilized mode of conduct toward Iranian people has become the poster boy for institutionalized savagery.

Besides kowtowing to the sane world and the will of Iranian people, IRR’s only way out is to come up with a nuke bomb in a jiffy.

To prevent a long-term state of living with nuke packing barbaric messianic Islamists liable to do anything at any moment, the sane world has to publicly announce its intention to assist Iranian people in their drive for a regime change.

Time is at hand, situation is ripe and delay in making the decision will be costly in a way which would make Chamberlain’s monumental mistake a minor error of judgment.



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Thanks, Comrade

by Marjaneh on

Great quote and why don't you do a blog like that? Should be fun.

Btw, I don't have a fetish of any sort; I'm revoltingly  übernormal.

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."

pastor bill rennick

I know some brothers and sisters are going to get

by pastor bill rennick on

riled up here but the signal our brother commie (not you comrade) Dmitry Medvedev is trying to send to the West is that go ahead and start dropping the high precision ordnance on ta'R'gets!



by Fred on

I know you did not and I was not meaning to say that you did. But there are those who do, some with mistaken good intention, most not.


prior to the stealths going

by benross on

prior to the stealths going on bombing runs

I never took it remotely a probable realistic option. But as long as we agree on what matters... 



by Fred on

R for restoration

R for regime change

R for referendum

All sound good to head off the R for revolution and R for recon prior to the stealths going on bombing runs.



Joojeh Basiji on hiatus:-)

by Fred on

I did not say you were against sanctions; my exact wording was, if you are.

So glad that you are not, that means besides being realistic, somewhat, our differences are mostly semantics and not over substances.

What you are saying about sanctions seems to be very close to the airtight I advocate to reduce the pain time on people and increase the possibility of success which would make the other horrible option moot.

For whatever it is worth till further notice your previously bestowed honorary titles are taken back forthwith!


I'll use R for Restoration

by benross on

I'll use R for Restoration

That's the most likely outcome. But I'd use R for Referendum :-)



by afshin on

I don't recall ever saying I was against sanctions.  Sanctions that have meaning would be great.  For example they should have blocked Iran's gasoline imports 10 years ago.  The sons of Mr. Rafsanjani come and go to the United States as they please.  Mr. Yazdi who has blood on his hands and was present during most of the show trials during the early days of the IRI comes to the US with impunity and gives interviews.  Jon Steward had Yazdi's son on when he was arrested and everyone was in tears about how this excuse of a human being has been arrested and they were all saddened about it.

 Sanctions that have meaning, would be to confiscate all property belonging to government officials overseas.  Don't just ban Iranair from Europe.  Don't allow those planes to leave Iranian airspace.  This government can be brought down with non-violent means.



by Fred on

You are disingenuous from the get go where you say:

“The same people that swore up and down that Saddam Hussein had WMDs were dumbfounded when they didn't find a single canister of poison gas in all of Iraq.

There are thousands upon thousands of Iranians and Iraqi victims of Saddam’s poison gas attacks, the Anfal operation is too well documented to be denied even by Joojeh Basijies.

Once you learn to do something, it is impossible to unlearn it, besides there were ample ingredients for gas munitions discovered by the inspectors.

As for IRR bluffing and not having the technical wherewithal, your Peykan nonsense analogy, to build nuke-- then by that logic Pakistan must be a giant in technology whereas they stole it from Holland.

You claim:

“Everyone wants this regime gone.  But invasion and destruction by foreigners is the worst way to go.”

Agreed, but at the same time aren’t you also against sanctions or help from outside so Iranians can overthrow the Islamist Rapists?

If you so, then that is the exact position of the Islamists which makes your claim in wanting them gone a ruse.      


don't let your dogma screw your karma...

by afshin on

I remember long ago during the Iran-Iraq war the daily radio pronouncements regarding Iranian troop advances.  Everyday the announcer would say the Iranian troops have moved 20-30-50 kilometers in to the enemy's territory. When all was said and done, it was revealed that it took them 17 months and 90000 troops just to liberate a completely demolished Khorramshahr.  I don't doubt for a second the evil nature of the Islamic Republic of Iran.  Since 2002 when the NCR revealed the existence of the Natanz nuclear facility to the rest of the world, various NIE reports and intelligence agencies have predicted Iran is only 18 months away from making a nuclear weapon.  Well those 18 months have come and gone 5 times over, and still no weapon.  The same people that swore up and down that Saddam Hussein had WMDs were dumbfounded when they didn't find a single canister of poison gas in all of Iraq.  Now those same people, those that weren't even capable of predicting the downfall of the Soviet Union, and cost this country in excess of a trillion dollars in its misadventure in to Iraq, not to mention the tens if not hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead, are now saying Iran is making an atomic weapon.  A country whose pinnacle of technical prowess has been to assemble the Peykan for the past 50 years, and at that they suck has suddenly developed the wherewithal to make nuclear weapons?  Now I know our good friend Fred here is going to copy and paste my comments and call me a jujeh basiji.  But so be it! Counter my argument instead of starting a schoolyard pissing contest.  How do you think Iran will master this engineering feat?  Could it be that the Iranian government in an effort to mimic Israel's policy of nuclear ambiguity to deter future invaders has perhaps overstepped its bounds.  That there is no real nuclear program and that all this is just a farce so they won't be attacked.  Everyone wants this regime gone.  But invasion and destruction by foreigners is the worst way to go.


Broken patterns

by comrade on

The whole alphabet for a good blog, like this.

F, for Marjaneh's foot fetish.

G, for google which brought up this one: "Change is inevitable, except from a vending machine"



F as in

by Marjaneh on

"Fighting for peace is like f'ing for virginity."


" When patterns are broken, new worlds can emerge." - Tuli Kupferberg

Darius Kadivar

I won't use the words "Regime Change" anymore ... I'll use R for

by Darius Kadivar on

Restoration ... ;0)


It may not be ideal to some but at least it is unambiguous and clear cut  and No Boloney

In otherwords as the French would say :

"Il N'ya pas tromperie sur la marchandise"

At worst you know what to expect !


Hee Hee

Maryam Hojjat

Well said Fred

by Maryam Hojjat on

It is really up to Iranians to move along and take care of IRR for good.