by Fred

As every day a new and more horrific detail of what has, and probably still is,  done to the many of the at least four thousand arrested demonstrators emerges, a frightening picture is taking shape. Perhaps by now nothing in the IRI can truly be described as frightening, and yet the type and extent of cruelties leave one not only flabbergasted but frightened.

 The fright comes from the fact that there are so many  in the vast and overlapping security apparatuses of IRI who  are capable of doing what can safely be described as fiendish acts of cruelty. The “few rogue agents” of previous government ordered barbarities won’t do any more.

 The fright comes from the realization that a system has been ruling over Iranians for over three decades and yet treats them as mortal enemies.

The fright comes from the fact that they see their Iranian captives as animals, in some cases mounting them and having them making animal sounds.

 The fright comes from an ideology that has such cadres who kill at random, rape and brutalize men and women in the most violent manner and when their shift is over go home and have a normal life with their wives and children.

The fright comes form the realization that it will take generations to undo and heal the nationwide psychological damage the IRI has inflicted.

But the ultimate fright comes from the fact that the Islamist rapist republic’s actions are nurturing vengeful desires not only in their innumerable victims but general public. Publically pronounced opinions strongly suggest there are many who are lulling pent-up anger and fury with the thoughts of their planned reciprocating violence against Islamist oppressors. This slow seepage of Islamists’ mentality and ethics into the Iranian society at large is the nightmare scenario in the making.


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The "F"right comes...

by Ostaad on

the fact the amen corner choirboy and occasional anti-Iran lobby's tea-and-crumpets server has become really frustrated that Iranians have displayed immense intelligence and foresight by not giving any excuses to Iran's enemy, Israel, to attack it.


Thanks, Fred

by liberation08 on

some of the "vengeful desires" have been expressed in blog posts and comments on but i don't think that the iranian people, in general, are vengeful. if i thought that they were, then i would begin to question whether they deserve a better regime than the one they have now.

we must be careful, though, about how we respond to injustice. hatred and prejudice should not be part of any reaction