Rivaling the Germans


by Fred

Those who have been to Zahra’s Heaven cemetery in the outskirt of the chaotic Iranian capital, instantly realize how superbly the place is run. It is like walking into some German administered facility, clean and efficient.

In sharp contrast to abysmal health services, given the legendry corruption and mismanagement of all aspects of public services by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, cemeteries are exception to the rule. You see, Islamist Rapists are good at one thing and one thing only, death and all that it entails.

Of course the efficiency at official cemeteries do extend to the network of nationwide off the book places where the state murdered Iranian men, women and children are buried and done away with. Like clockwork, mass graves are dug, executed dumped in and covered with dirt, no identifying marker, headstone or anything, like they never ever existed, all done efficiently and lickety-split.

That is certainly the case with the 97 Iranians who were murdered by the state during the past 30 calendar days. And that will be the case with the 5000 that are waiting to be executed to join the thousands upon thousands of Iranian men, women and children executed in the past thirty two years of Islamist Rapist rule over Iran and Iranians.

These messianic Islamist Rapist murderers bent on “managing the world” are after acquisition of nuke weapons. What does it take for the sane world to realize what and whom they are dealing with? 

What is the sane world waiting for; does it necessary have to be gritty black smoke billowing out of chimneys?

Before it is too late impose airtight sanctions including blood oil and gas on them now, empower enslaved Iranians with material support to overthrow them NOW!




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G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

I totally agree. That'll be the last straw that breaks regime's back. Watching regime's backers after their paychecks have ceased coming will be fun. Looking forward to that. Soon someone intelligent will have to tell the sane world that is the best option.


Not exactly

by MRX1 on

Islamo facists are not as efficent as German killing machine in world war two, never less they are cruel low life  monsters that have to be eliminated if there is going to be a hope for future Iran, Mid east and the rest of the world. what's needed is complete blockade of oil shipment, not a drop leaving straight of hormuz for IRR . you will then see demise these rapists in matter of months not years. But again there are slimey sneaky orgniazations out there that want these cock roaches to thrive so they can continue looting and take more.


Israel is the CANCER

by Mehdi on

The messianic Rapist Jewishist anomaly in Middle East does not allow any country to be stronger than it. It systematically commits acts of terrorism - officially and overtly. It even prides itself as having the most efficient assassins in the region! It plunders land belonging to others nonstop and their lap dogs on this site try to portray it as the ideal form of government!

How shameless one can be. But then again, they have inherited their culture of bloodshed from the Nazis. Their leaders imported all Nazi characteristics into Isra-eel. "Audacity, audacity, audacity" simply means be as degraded as you can be - be as shameless as you can! They are the most rejected regime in the world - according to survey - and if it was not for the billions they spend on advertising and the connections they have to CIA and other criminals, they would not last a week. It is a dream of RAPIST regimes.

Fred will gladly propagate their vicious lies and propaganda and tries everything to get a war going and a few degraded Jewishist cheer for him.

I hope Fred's family will get exactly what he wishes on my country's children. I hope Israeli children will have the same life that Fred is wishing on my country's children. Amen!


The Vain World!!

by Demo on

That is all about the Fantasized Sane World of our Fred Flintstones on IC. Da Ba Da Ba Do!

G. Rahmanian

More Sanctions!

by G. Rahmanian on

More sanctions means more troubles ahead for IR. Half the population which is already living in abject poverty, has nothing to lose. More sanctions will certainly weaken the financial clout of the Sepah and Baseej in the long run.



by comrade on

Do you remember who took over the Shah's army, Fred? Once Khomeini said , sarcastically, that Shah had built a good Army for him. What I'm trying to say is: Whatever they keep clean and functional be it a cemetery or a nuke technology will be ours, the people, Fred.

You worry too much. Do I have to remind you that Noah's Ark was not built overnight? Be patient, Fred. It's an Iranian issue, and will be managed by Iranians only.

The sane world whom you're calling for has already wiped out two populated cities by kind of bombs which Mullahs haven't built yet, Fred. You are asking the wrong guy for help.

Having said all this, I commend you for what you write in defence of the lives of political activists, and your just objection to death penalty, and torture.

The good news is that I won't be around for your second dose of "sane world this, sane world that", but I'm sure you'll behave yourself! Gotta go...I'll miss the bus...Yucks to work for a living...Pffftttt. 

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