Rotten seed

by Fred

No matter how you slice it or dice it, there is no getting around the fact that things in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic have hit the fan.

The time when the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies could through playing on words and emotions portray IRR as a viable system in transition to an “indigenous” democracy is long gone. There is no denying the fact that the system is rotten to the core and no reformation can bring health to a rotten seed.

It is time to openly, calmly and determinedly discuss how best to effectuate regime change In Iran which will undoubtedly have positive reverberating consequences for the entire Middle East reign and the world..


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Irani Irani

Darveesh: A more rotten seed

by Irani Irani on

A seed far more rotten than Israel is Islamism. How many Iranians has Israel killed? Please give me an estimated number. 


rotten seed you ask?

by Darveesh on



Material support

by Fred on

Irani Irani,

As far as depriving the Islamist Rapists of the proceeds from the sale of blood oil which finances their repression, weaponized nuke and international terrorism, I am with you.

But do not see any need or utility for any “military confrontation”, the regime is all too vulnerable to Iranians who are determined to go Iranian on them Islamist, just material help from outside will do.

Irani Irani

Transition from IRI to democracy

by Irani Irani on


To my mind, a bloodless transition is not possible with the IRI. Its parasite leaders and their hangers-on are too violent, ruthless, unprincipled, and have too much money and loot at stake to let go of power unless they are physically compelled. All of the means of violence are in the hands of the state, and this Islamist gang has "learned from the mistakes" of the Shah (e.g. offering concessions, admitting mistakes, etc.) and have used every means available to insulate themselves from the possibility of another revolution a la 1978-1979. I think only some sort of "crisis" (e.g. a military confrontation with the U.S.) could act as a stimulus in the short- or medium-term to set the stage for "regime change". It will require military force, and the only country that could potentially provide that would be the U.S. To me, that seems an inescapable conclusion. The IRI first has to be deprived of oil money, and then IRGC and Basiji armed goons have to be neutralized to some extent for there to be any meaningful possibility of change.