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By now it has become a tradition, every time the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) gets caught doing some nasty stuff; the usual suspects, you know the fair-minded capitalist lifestyle loving anti-capitalist type, spring into action, pronto.

They begin with a pro forma condemnation of the alleged wrongdoing, followed by a hefty dose of incredulity over why the very rational IRR might do such thing and further water it down with reminding of crimes by others which has gone unpunished and then declare it as an American plot to impose war on IRR.  

Here is how the lovelies explain the latest allegation that IRR was planning to commit mass murder in the Capital of America: 

In an outside chance this trumped-up charge is proven to be 100% true and beyond any shadow of an iota of doubt, even though it does not make sense and is uncharacteristic of IRR, sag-khor, it is deplored.

However, that deploring is predicated upon condemnation in the super-duper strongest terms and then some of all the self-evident bestiality committed by the warmongering Americans against all the children and pregnant women of Iraq and Afghanistan, just to name a few.  


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حال و روز قربانیان ایرانی به جای خود؛ بحثی نیست که بازتاب ظلم بی امان اسلامیست های تجاوزگر جنسی خسته کننده شده.

به محض سقوط وحوش اسلامیست که شامل "اصلاح طلبان " است و رهایی ایران و ایرانیان از نظام پربرکت؛ آنگاه میشود راجع به موضوعاتی که سرگرم کننده باشد پرداخت.


baba jane madaret

by onlyinamrica on

inghadr fohsh nadeh va kalamate tekrary estefadeh nakon. khasteh konandeh shodeh digeh.