Satellite TV & addictive drugs


by Fred

Speaking of the dangers satellite televisions pose to the society, Bahman Kargar, the Deputy Police Commander for Social Affairs in IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, is reported as saying:

“Drugs endanger the physical and mental health of the individual. And satellite [TV] cause triviality, carelessness and disintegration of the family nucleus. Therefore, they both pose the same level of danger.” He went further by announcing another round of police operation to counter the evil satellite.

Forget about the basic Islamist logical fallacy in the Deputy Police whatever, the point is them Islamist Rapists are afraid of information reaching Iranian people. Ergo the satellite ban and signal jamming, slowing down the internet speed to a crawl, internet monitoring, site blockings and “Cyber Army” aka Islamist goons in Iran and abroad trying to counter the avalanche of opposition to IRR. Of course by now there is no need to explain about the lack of freedom in print media in Iran.

The bottom line is, the Islamist Rapists’ dogma cannot stand the purifying rays of true information. Information which they do not control, information which shows people how the sane world lives and information which could and will be the death of IRR.

And all the while IRR’s many satellite TV channels in variety of languages are using the sane world's technology and  facilities broadcasting to the world, at times inciting riots and terrorist activities, the sane and civilized world is doing zilch.

Isn’t it time to put American ingenuity and can-do spirit to work and come up with variety of unblockable ways to reach enslaved Iranians who are hungry for Islamist free, sane-world truth?

What in the name of sanity the decision makers in EU and U.S. think would happen if Islamist Rapists are not toppled and they get their nuke?




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Jammed brains

by comrade on

I am not sure if American technology alone can help when LA-made Iranian TV programs  have not risen above the subject of flag selling after more than three decades.

It's a shameful fact that the most prestigious Iranian TV stations outside of our homeland are under foreign management and budget.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


Sargord Pirouz

Enslaved Iranians? You

by Sargord Pirouz on

Enslaved Iranians?

You Israelis at "Fred" have some nerve. What about the Palestinians you have enslaved in an inhumane siege in Gaza? All because they exercised themselves democratically. 

You know, folks at "Fred," why don't you post on something you know, like Israel? You folks are Israeli. We would expect you people to know something on the subject. Like Marsha Cohen. She writes on Israeli perspectives on Iran.

The reason I ask is because your simpleton attempts at anti-Iran propaganda are themselves directed at simpletons. Is that it? You think we're all simpletons? or is this all you got?