Say Imam Khamenei

by Fred

All those tired of Islam bashers.

All those tired of hearing the negative and nothing about all that is good about Islam.

All those tired of not having a sure bet, effective and yet non-homicidal way to counter it all should cheer up.

Mohammad-Ali Ramin The deputy Minister for Press Affairs in the Islamic Guidance Ministry, who besides being loved by every single Iranian reporter is also the head of "Nuclei of Sacrificers for Velayat” group has told the press:

 “Make progress and eradicate the enemies of Islam by using the title of Imam Khamenei”

Yup you got it; we are privileged to be witnessing the birth of the second IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic Imam.



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gitdoun ver.2.0

put them in a Asylum

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

What more proof is there needed to see that khamenei and his followers are a cult of islam?? Khamenei just needs to declare himself as a Messiah and get it done with. His followers, with khamenei's blessing, have usurped every title and honor reserved for prophets and gave it to khamenei !!  Reason/logic can not reach these people. it's best to put them all in a lunatic asylum and throw the key away.