School supplies

by Fred

Not include the ones who were beaten to death while in detention, among the many thousands who were hit on the head by the Islamist thugs, there were many university students some of whom are confirmed fatality.  There were also some school children at least one of whom, a twelve year old, is confirmed to have died of the baton hit to his head.

With the end of summer vacation fast approaching and the ritual of buying school supplies and few items of clothing nearly upon us, the following items are suggested to be added to the list of must haves:

For kindergarten to grade 12,

1-Baton-proof helmet

2-ID bracelet for ease of retrieving the remains

3-Knee, shin and shoulder pads, NFL rated are highly recommended

4-A pair of good running shoes and instruction on how to sprint

5-Gas mask


For returning University students,

1-Baton-proof helmet

2-Mouth guard, hockey player rated

3-bulletproof vest, Kevlar is highly recommended

4-for the ones returning to the dorms, a good all-weather tent to pitch in the park to avoid midnight attacks on the dorms by the Basijies.

5-ID bracelet

6-USB flash drive to store all stuff learned each day in the event the next hit to the head brings on amnesia.

7-Basiji appropriate attire including unlaundered white shirt worn untucked and loose pants with the instruction to not wash nor iron

8-A pair of good running shoes, if available New Balance 993, if not anything but cheap Chinese knockoffs


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