Serious house cleaning

by Fred

As things stand, it seems the latest gambit by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is not going to have the intended effect of zeroing out the sane world’s years of mostly fruitless efforts in confronting Islamists’ illegal weaponized nuke program.

Notwithstanding the successful Turkish-Brazilian try at wrestling an eleventh hour vague nuke declaration out of Islamist Rapists, very soon the sanctions noose is going to be tightened just a little bit more.

The outline of the draft resolution circulated to the members of the United Nations Security Council by the sane world leaves a lot to be desired. In fact there are so many holes in the draft resolution sure to be watered-down even further in the final version that number of Mack trucks lined up side to side can drive right through it.

But there is one area which might in the end turn out to be the winning ticket; The UNSC authorization to stop and inspect IRR bound cargo.  

Although the Islamists and their sane world based mouth pieces talk a lot about the indigenous nature of IRR’s weaponized nuke and offensive long-range missiles to carry the lethal packages, all the available evidence point to the fact that every crucial technology and materials are imports and stopping those imports will put a stop to the nuke drive.

Without the nuke to guarantee their survival the Islamist Rapists will sooner than later be done away with by the fed up Iranian people who seem to be determined to do some serious house cleaning.


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hopefully so!

by Fatollah on

only, this time without any forign help ...

Maryam Hojjat

I hope so, Fred!

by Maryam Hojjat on

This house cleaning happens as soon as possible.

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