Shame on Israel

by Fred

There is near unanimity among the sane ones that, Iran cannot have access to full cycle of nuke while it is under the rule of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic. The Islamists are just too barbaric, “reformers” and all, to be trusted to use nuke for as they claim medicinal and power generating purposes.

 There is also a growing consensus among the sane ones that, to force the Islamist Rapists to abide  international law, military action has to be avoided and full weight of economic sanctions be utilized.  

The trouble is there is always greedy petty businessmen whose goal to enrich themselves further supersedes their civic, legal and at times moral obligations.

Take for example the report in today’s Wall Street Journal. Apparently there are number of Israeli businesses which, albeit though third party, knowingly do business with IRR. The same messianic Islamist Rapist regime which is bent on acquiring nuke to load up on the long-range offensive missiles it has in its possession to do what its criminal leaders have promised to do for ages, “wipe Israel off the map.”  

The Israeli government has to come down on those sanction busters like a ton of brick, and it needs to start with itself and that bank it partially owns. And those Israeli citizens, who knowingly contribute to this shamelessness, should be, well, ashamed and be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.



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Exactly why i keep repeating myself

by mahmoudg on

to the tune of being redundant, that sanctions alone WILL NOT work.  too many greedy people out there and too many loose ends.  the only alternative, if the end result is the removal of the Islamic Rapist Cultists, is to use calculated force on this regime, and take down their infrastructure, supporters and all.


Thank you Israel, please continue!


Sanctions and economic blockade only hurt ordinary people be it people in Israel or Iran. More economic cooperation please!


Please warn visitors about this unhealthy website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles, this purportedly Iranian site's
content is
anti Iranian and comes largely from an Israeli/AIPAC perspective, which
offensive to the vast majority of Iranians. The few actual Iranians who
post here are weird ("ajeeb") or mentally ill (some even admit their
mental illness their
moniker.) Please do not engage with this unhealthy site except to warn


Of faces and hearts

by comrade on

The "near unanimity" has a betraying appearance, behind which lurks the crippled intent. Case in point, the near unanimity inside and outside UN that Israel must go back to her pre-67 borders.

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.



Doesn't that tell you...

by Aryana-Vaeja on

That all the sabre rattling between the two sides is nothing more than empty and meaningless sound bites, dramatic blather and hollywoodesque photo-ops to dupe the masses. The realpolitik of the world is run behind closed doors with cheque books amongst callous men of business and commerce. Everything else is show!

If as Von Clausewitz contended war is nothing more than politics by other means then it stands to reason that politics is nothing more than commerce by other means! Here now is your proof... 


May we be amongst those who are to bring about the transfiguration of the Earth - Yasna XXX 9