Shame on you all

by Fred

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the U.N. General Assembly on Friday:

“A major assault on Homs took place yesterday. Civilian losses have clearly been heavy. We continue to receive grisly reports of summary executions, arbitrary detentions and torture.

This atrocious assault is all the more appalling for having been waged by the government itself, systematically attacking its own people."

And while the sane world is busy issuing condemnations, Washington Post reports:

“The aid [to Syria] from Iran is increasing, and is increasingly focused on lethal assistance,”

Just like in Srebrenica, the sane world knowingly is allowing a crime against humanity to continue.

This might be Arab Spring in some places; however, it is definitely the season of shame for the sane world.

Right at this moment, Ar-Rastan is getting the treatment Baba Amr got, indiscriminate shelling into residential neighborhoods:


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Arash Kamangir

Demo: you are an IR fan

by Arash Kamangir on

I have come cross of some of your comments made in this site. These comments can only come from a hezbollahi and an IR fan and I just want to tell you that there are many  IR islamic sites which are more suitable for you than You see, IR fans are not iranians.  



by Fesenjoon2 on

Gaza is only important for Iranians. The rest of the world can go to hell. Even Iran itself.


A very GRIM situation for Syrians

by Azarbanoo on

SHAME on ASad and all his supporters.


The Doomed Sane World

by Demo on

With the blood stains of hundreds & hundreds millions of its own people murdered during its 2 inter-constituents wars (deceptively labeled as World War?? I & World War?? II) @ its dirty hands & with its 100% indifference to the recent genocides like of Darfur in Sudan, why should anybody think of the sane? world more than a 'doomed domain' with no concept whatsoever for 'shame?'