The slap heard around the world

by Fred

Thirty one years ago to the day, Ruhollah Khomeini who was slated to become the next “Imam” returned to Iran from exile to form the governing system which has become IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

It is said hindsight is 20/20, well it should have been so the very moment the “man of God” who quickly became a mass murderer opened his mouth and said:

"I will appoint a government. I will slap this government on the mouth"

It would have been because of a divine intervention if the combination of that dictatorial mind-set, “I will appoint”, alongside self bestowed Godly righteousness, “the Imam” and the physical violence “slap” did not end up with the present day IRR. Alas, divinity does not do politics.  

An unaccountable system of governance which has enacted laws codifying the savage acts of tying down human beings to be lashed to a pulp, to gouge out their eyes, chop off their limbs and making public executions as routine as anything else in life. And that is only what is being done by the book; other normal Islamist sanctioned barbarities like the raping of Iranian men, women and children are "extrajudicial".

Today as the Islamist Rapists begin their 10 day celebration leading to the fall of the previous regime, their own demise is on many hearts and minds.

Lets hope IRR’s fall will trigger forgiveness in the hearts of their millions of victims, forgoing revenge and instead opting to establish a one man, one vote system under which all lives are equal under just laws.


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