Sleeping with the enemy

by Fred

In an effort to solicit cooperation of Russia and China on yet another UNSC resolution against IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic’s weaponized nuke program, Wall Street Journal reports the sane world has watered down its sanctions plan.

This move is as wrongheaded as in the previous attempts which although  produced number of punitive measures, but due to their weakened nature IRR is ever closer to becoming the first messianic Islamist nuke power.

If the basic argument is the Islamist Rapists will not be allowed to posses nuke to load up on their long-range ballistic missiles, then the sane world needs to have its head examined for trying the same old failed measures.  

The Russians have played this game once before and were a major contributor to Saddam ignoring UNSC resolutions which eventually lead to a devastating military conflict. Adding the Maoist China’s newfound pursuit of capitalism at any cost expecting the duo to be part of the solution is just not realistic. It is no accident both countries are detested by Iranians, targeting them with vitriolic slogans at any chance they get.  

For the sake of giving peace in the ME a chance and helping in de-Islamistication which is a prerequisite for the emancipation of the enslaved, the sane world has to partner up with the fed up Iranian people rather than with the partners of their Islamist Rapist oppressor.



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