Soaking wet Islamists


by Fred

When it rains, it pours and it has been a monsoon downpouring trouble on the IRR, The Islamist Rapist Republic.

First after all the stuff the Islamist Rapists did post “election” to the peaceful Iranians, the raping, torturing and cold blooded murders, the Republic part of the whole thing is not going to be believed by even their logic challenged Basiji thugs or any other dimwits anywhere.

Second, the news of their arms shipments, two of them, intercepted by the Yamani and Israeli forces becoming international news showed once again what sort of underhanded destructive meddling force IRR is.

Third, their ramped up savagery has had the opposite effect pissing off Iranians who are now asking for not their “stolen votes” but for total change of system.

Fourth, the revelation of another secret nuke site seven years in the making while sitting down for “confidence building” talks with the sane world did not do much in the way of building any confidence, in fact it added to the existing mountain of suspicions.

Fifth, their gambit in first agreeing to and then rejecting a plan to have their illegally low enriched uranium shipped to Russia and from there to France for further enrichment did not sit well with the Russians. The latest announcement of the gazillionth delay by the Russian side about completing the Bushehr nuclear reactor and their refusal to hand over anti-air missile system plus their apparent readiness for applying sanctions are only the ramifications that have become public.

Sixth, the latest IAEA report on the just finished inspection of the recently discovered nuke site. The report in essence says due to the nuke facility’s configuration it does not make much sense for a commercial, i.e. peaceful application and perfect sense for military application. The report also raises the possibility of other yet undiscovered secret nuke sites and IRR’s lack of full cooperation in answering all of the IAEA’s questions.

To show Islamist Rapist Republic’s ill intentions the above sampler should satisfy all except those who are fact-averse.

Before it is too late and the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists impose a devastating war on Iran and the entire region the sane world has to step in. Airtight sanctions alongside unremitting material and moral support to the enslaved Iranians will empower them to overthrow the Islamist menace.


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