by Fred

The third Saturday Special, SS for short, show trial has been held in the Islamist Rapist Republic. Although the trial was moved up one day and held on Sunday, the literal and figurative SS abbreviation still applies.

Unlike the past two political star-studded episodes, in this one the stars of the show, in some reports referred to as the defendants, were all publically unknown, in another words, no bodies.

Gone was the breathtaking moment when the glassy eyed, Evin diet slimed downed, former Vice President of the Islamist Republic took the witness stand. Dressed in crisply ironed pajama the VP breathlessly admitted to being a douchebag of a dunce which in the follow up T.V. interviews he went way out of his way to reinforce.

Gone was the spellbinding moment when the former high official of the interior ministry of the Islamist Rapist Republic, a lifelong Islamist political operative and newspaper editor could not contain himself and had to let all know what a dum-dum he has been.  

Also was gone the moment the local Iranian employee of the British embassy a “chief political” something waved an official looking piece of paper which presumably had the London issued order for god knows what evil things to be done to deny the Iranians of their beloved godly government, GG for short.

And who could forget the moment the cutesy little French girl fashionably bundled up in Islamist approved modesty attire spoke in nearly perfect Persian and instantly stole millions of hearts.

In this third episode one had to be content with Hassan nobody admitting to aimless vandalism, or at most be satisfied with the added attraction of the vandal having a Hebrew persuasion as reported by AP:

“Yaghoghil Shaolian, 19, was quoted as saying he did not join the protests, but just threw some stones at a bank branch in central Tehran on June 14, resulting in his arrest.”

Thankfully there is the upcoming Tuesday’s Baha’i show trial to look forward to, this SS III was just booooring!


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