Stand by me or else!


by Fred

In the latest threat issued against the neighboring Arab countries, one of the Iraq-born Larijani brothers, this one acting as “the Speaker of Iran’s Parliament” says*:

 “Some of the countries in the region, who prostituted themselves by siding with Saddam in the war against Iran, should be mindful that Iran’s forgiveness after the sacred war will not be repeated.

We should not be taken for a simpleton; they must be careful with their lobbies with America and know the time will come to account for the past deeds. 

Given the members of the GCC, the [Persian] Gulf Cooperation Council, are the target of this threat, the nuke weapon acquiring messianic Islamist regime intent on “managing the world” is busily intensifying the already tense situation of its own making.

Before the Islamist warmongers impose another war on Iran and the region, the sane world must help the enslaved Iranians with needed material support to overthrow the Islamists, “reformers” and all.

* Verbatim translation of the actual Persian text which differs from those reported by the English language news sites. 


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