The Superpower in drag


by Fred

During the unveiling of their latest weapon, a Nazi Vengeance 1, V1, lookalike, which the show president of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic called “an ambassador of death”, he said some interesting things worth noting.

No, not the loutish part which is a translator’s nightmare, but things like in these passages:

"We should reach a point when Iran would serve as a Defense umbrella for all freedom loving nations in the face of world aggressors. We don't want to attack anywhere, Iran will never decide to attack anywhere, but our revolution cannot sit idle in the face of tyranny, we can't remain indifferent."

 And this one:

"The scope of Iran's reaction will include the entire earth," said Ahmadinejad. "We also tell you — the West — that all options are on the table."

  As can clearly be seen the nuke acquiring messianic Islamist Rapists in their hubris are using the exact words used by their nemeses, United States, “all options are on the table”, “Defense umbrella”, and so forth.  They’ve also elevated their own status to that of a superpower, “the scope of Iran’s reaction will include the entire earth.”   

Although when it comes to internal affairs this sort of nonsensical boastings is a normal behavior for the Islamist Rapists, but it is a dangerous delusion to think such posturing on the international arena will be without consequences to Iran and severe one at that.

Only if IRR was not holding Iran and Iranians as their shield, their superpower in drag act would have been wholly inconsequential.




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when a cat puffs up, it is because they feel threatened

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 Fur puffing is a survival instinct designed to make cats look bigger to whatever is threatening them. IRI's fur puffing seems to be chronic and it will eventually backfire. Their  bluffs will be called sooner than later.