The survey says...

by Fred

The latest 22- Nation Pew Global Attitudes Survey is out. The section dealing with what to do about the nuclear threat IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic poses, although expected, nevertheless very much alarming and a wakeup call to all genuine peace activists to help avoid a disaster long in the making.

The survey has confirmed that the majority of those surveyed in most of the 22 countries are willing to consider the taking of military action against the Islamist Rapists to stop their acquisition of nuke weapons.

Till now the Islamists/Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies who very much support the Islamist Rapists’ nuke acquisition fronted their macabre intentions as peaceniks opposing American “Imperialistic/hegemonic” designs on the little old misunderstood IRR.

Against all available evidence and simple logic they along with assortment of IRR’s lobbyists have tried to portray the vast mostly subterranean nuke program as nothing but a mislabeled “civilian/peaceful” one  nitpicking the NPT treaty to prove their erroneous point.

The Pew survey seems to confirm the fact that not all are as gullible as the phony peaceniks take them to be and when it comes to their safety and security all options are on the table.

But, there is still a chance to do this non-militarily. Imposition of airtight sanctions and openly helping the fed up Iranian people with material support to overthrow their savage Islamist Rapist oppressors would spare the sane world the need to sacrifice more of its young in the cause of keeping their freedom and way of life intact.



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did this blog get changed and toned down?

by Marjaneh on

It said "updated" in my track thing and this is at least the second time this has happened once I've replied to one of Fred's blogs.

Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin


typical handwinger with convoluted (illogical), confused

by Marjaneh on

conclusions and categorizations.

from YOUR link:


"...Still, the Pew Global Attitudes survey foreshadows potential tension
between the U.S. and other leading powers over what to do about the
Iranian nuclear program. Among those who oppose Tehran acquiring
nuclear weapons, Americans are more likely than Europeans, Japanese,
Chinese, Indians or Russians to approve of economic sanctions against
Iran and to support taking military action to stop Tehran from
acquiring nuclear armaments.


Fred, I'd  like to see a concrete list of your proposed "airtight sanctions". (Your writing has been rather convoluted, insubstantial and messy lately. "U OK, ma'e"? Give me "intellectual meat" to mull over.... )

This Pragmatic Pacifist is sending you a cuddly toy dove in the post. *

You see, Fred, I don't want you or anybody else ending up as a hideous label: collateral damage.

As for material support. Surely your first port of call would be your Clown Prance?



Every fascism is an index of a failed revolution - Walter Benjamin

* I wouldn't know sarcasm if s/he/it crawled out of my dentures.