Sycophancy Supreme

by Fred

The Rock-face relief at Naghs-e-Rostam near the Persepolis, depicts the Persian Sassanid King Shapur I on hoarseback and two Roman Emperors, one kneeling and the other standing as a captive.  

It is not clear if it is the Roman Emperor Phillip the Arab who is doing the kneeling and Emperor Valerian who is standing, or the other way around.  However, when it comes to the current absolute ruler of Iran, there is no ambiguity about the kneeling.

ISNA News Agency quotes the Islamist Rapist manger of the Seminaries of Qom who is also a member of “the Assembly of Experts of the Leadership” charged with overseeing the “leader’s “ qualification and conduct as saying about the Head Rapist Khamenei:

“The biggest politicians, inside the country and outside, have kneeled in front of him and learn from his wisdom.”  

Yeah right!



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Sargord Pirouz

First they say the dictator

by Sargord Pirouz on

First they say the dictator is Ahmadinejad. Then they say it's the IRGC. Then they say it's Khamenei.

They can never make up there mind.

But it's always apparent, particularly from these Israelis, that they're desperate in these attempts. For you see, in the Iranians, the Israelis such as the folks at Fred, see a people that are not intimidated. And that makes the Israelis at Fred feel insecure; very insecure. As they should be. For these Israelis like the people hiding behind the name of "Fred" are on the wrong side of history.


Supreme Sycophancy

by comrade on

It is. As it was during the Shah's time.

All dictatorial regimes have the the same characteristics. 

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.